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Analogies are the set of questions which ask you determine the relationship between a pair of stem words and find the same relationship in one of the answer pairs. The question of analogy is normally presented as abc:pqr::def:pqr. Here the colon (:) should mean “is to” and double colon (::) means “ as”.



(A)   elevator:escalator


Now we can see that relationship given is the set of words, skyscraper and shack. A skyscraper is large building which is tall and modern. A shack is a small structure. So the relation ship is between large and small. Taking up the options we can see that elevator and escalator can not be the relation large and small. So is the case with the house and building. Any house is building. Third option deals with village as a modern version of town. Now this is again wrong. Option four offers the relationship between jetliner and the biplane. Jetliner is a large and modern version of biplane so the relationship is established. Option five gives chimney and fireplace. Both of these are not bound by the relation of large and modern.

So the key of any analogy question is to define the relationship that stem can offer. One has to first understand the relationship between the stem and try to reflect the same relationship in the answer.


Now when one is attempting the question of analogy, he /she should keep the following in mind.

  • The correct answer pair must relate in the same order that the stem words relate.

  • The stem words are either noun or verb.


Common relationships that are tested in the examinations are


  • Type of. For example, Football: Sport. Here football is a type of sport.

  • Definition. Hazard : Risk

  • Opposites. Headstrong : Nimble feet

  • Lack of. Pauper : Money

  • Same idea. Persuasive : convincing

  • Extremes. Drenched : Parched

  • Subset to set. Fleet : Ship

  • Job related pairs. Building : Mason, Surgery : Incision


These are some of the varieties of analogies that are tested. The best way to master these is to practice analogy while observing the relationship. Second thing that should be remembered is that noun and verb offer different relationships and one must understand the relationship on the basis of noun and verb as well.


An example


  1. tyrannize : revolt

  2. shade : tree

  3. solve : problem

  4. accumulate : collection

  5. cover : eclipse

A   moratorium   is an official halt or cessation of an activity. One possible purpose, or use, of a moratorium is to   preserve   (for instance, to preserve an endangered animal species). Similarly, one possible use of a   tree   is to   shade .   The second answer choice is the best response.

The first answer choice:   Is one possible use of a   revolt   to   tyrannize ? No. The purpose of a revolt might be to stop tyranny (which means "oppressive rule").

The third answer choice:   Is one possible use of a   problem   to   solve ? No.

The fourth answer choice:   Is one possible use of a   collection   to   accumulate ? No. The relationship between these two words is just the opposite: One possible purpose of accumulating is to form a collection.

The fifth answer choice:   Is one possible use of an   eclipse   to   cover ? No. Covering is part of the definition of eclipse.






Refresher Test - Verbal Analogy Launch Test Discuss

Practice Test - Verbal Analogy Launch Test Discuss

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