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Guide to GMAT Preparations

Mark the reasons why opt for the GMAT exam positions you for success. Why students from worldwide choose for the GMAT exam. Why GMAT exam is treated as entrance exam for the schools. How classroom success depends upon GMAT study, how was it is helpful for the career. How far... Read more

Demand for Data Scientists in the US

The third edition of Deloitte’s Annual Report released in May 2016 identified the major impact Analytics trends that would change business strategy.  John Lucker, Principal, Deloite Consulting LLC said, ‘As the business heads are likely to face multifarious obstacles, in order to... Read more

IGNOU online registration begins for July 2017

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has started the online application process for admission to various degree programmes for the July 2017 session. The last date to apply online is June 30, 2017. IGNOU offers various undergraduate and postgraduate level courses. Besides that, it also... Read more

Pursuing MBA in USA or UK, which is best?

If in the past, when Indian students were queuing up for admissions exclusively to business schools in the US, now the trend has changed. There is humongous demand for the one-year European MBA, instead of two-year MBA from the US. As there is demand for a one-year MBA course, many students feel the... Read more

How important is reading newspaper for students?

"Reading Maketh a full Man; Conference a ready man; and writing an exact man" wrote Francis Bacon in his Essay on reading. Reading newspaper is the best way to improve your general knowledge, aware of the day to day happenings around the world, in short you will become a perfectly... Read more

Demand for MBAs Professionals in the US

There are many career options for you in the US job market, as there are many segments looking for qualified management graduates to steer their businesses in the right directions. According to the data released by the Bureau of Labour Statistics Best Business Jobs for 2017, the following job... Read more

Xavier Institute of Communication offers Post Graduate Diploma Courses

The Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) is a professional media centre which offers a variety of services in training and production. The Institute is at two locations; the St. Xavier's College campus and the St. Xavier's High School campus in Mumbai offering seven courses such as Advanced... Read more

Visa Requirements for Indian students to study in the US

As an Indian student, you should get admission up front from a college in the US, only then you will be able to apply for visa. After getting your admission secured, you also need to get permission from the US Government to live and study there. Admission Process Before applying for a... Read more

Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in the UK

There are ample career opportunities for MBA graduates in the UK. Before knowing the scope of your career, you need to assess the marketability of the MBA Degree you are holding and based on your stream of focus; you should look for opportunities suiting you. Banking Banking sector is... Read more

Applications open for New York’s - Free Tuition Scholarship

The present prospective students from the New York public university shall start applying for their Excelsior Scholarship, that shall fully cover up their tuition costs for the qualifying students. The application forms for the scholarship shall be opened by July 21. To become an eligible... Read more