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Career in Banking: Nationalized vs. Private Bank

Banking sector is in demand today all around world. The growing demand is due to increase in private banking sectors and it also brought innumerable opportunities to have bright future. It is not that everyone can seek job in banks and according to research nearly 45% people are unable to get job in... Read more

The Importance of Agile Methodologies Within Student-led Industry Projects

Al Sinoy is a master of agile methodology, a key component of the MDM program that he graduated from in 2010. Previously, he discussed with us the value of sprints from the perspective of a scrum master within the Berlin-based game company, Wooga . Now Al is back home at the CDM as... Read more

Bachelor of Construction Technology (B.CT): Career Overview

Construction Technology is integral to the development of cities and built environments. Construction Engineers work on many aspects of the construction and implementation of various development projects. The five–year undergraduate (UG) program in Construction Technology is one of the... Read more

M.Tech (Manufacturing) Production Engineering

Manufacturing field is helping to get good career and also helps one to find best opportunities in life. It is very important to have complete knowledge in such field and so there are colleges where one can get master’s degree in such field. It will help to have idea on each and every aspects... Read more

BSc. /MSc. In Yoga: An overview

It is very important to stay fit and healthy which is possible through regular exercise. Today yoga is very popular as it helps one to stay fit and healthy. One who wishes to have their career in such field can go for BSc. /MSc. in Yoga. There are many colleges today where such courses are... Read more

Myth Busting Campaign Helping Teachers Better Understand Of the Organisation Claims

Education inspectorate Ofsted has claimed a myth-busting campaign aimed at stopping "misinformation" about the organisation among teachers, has successfully debunked many of the most pervasive myths. The non-ministerial government department launched the scheme 18 months ago to give... Read more

Thoma Bravo to Acquire Frontline Education

Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity investment firm, today announced that it will acquire Frontline Education ("Frontline"), an integrated insights partner serving more than 12,000 educational organizations across America. The transaction is expected to close late in the third... Read more

Parents Own Responsibility for Their Child's Education, but Lack Accurate Picture of Their Child's Progress, According to New National Survey

For the second year in a row, a new national survey finds that nine in 10 K-8 parents say their child is performing at or above grade level in reading and math, when only a third of students are achieving at that level, according to 2015 National Assessment of Educationa l Progress (NAEP) data. ... Read more

Sheffield Hallam University invites applications for September 2017 Intake

Sheffield Hallam University invites applications for September 2017 Intake Sheffield Hallam University invites applications for their Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses for September 2017 £3,000 automatic tuition fee discount on courses including MBA , biotechnology ,... Read more

Universities are incubators giving innovation an entrepreneurial thrust

There are many universities who are helping students to become an entrepreneur and so are now working as incubators for students. Ambar Srivastava who is studying biochemical engineering in IIT Delhi has innovated TrueHb Hemometer. It is an instrument which is used to check haemoglobin and can... Read more