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Admissions for Post Graduate Studies Now Open at Pearl Academy

Announces new initiatives like incubation center to boost entrepreneurship Scholarships for meritorious students  Launches new school of ‘Media and Journalism’ Pearl Academy, India’s leading institution in design, fashion, creative businesses and media announced... Read more

Work Life Balance!

Self-Management This is one of the most important factor which influences work life balance because it covers the health factor which is so important because it concerns your health, if you have to balance both work and life then you have to give value to your sleep, food, recreation . And you... Read more

Children’s education!

Education is an essential right, which permits each person to receive instruction and to blossom socially. The right to an education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development of all societies. Ultimate objective of education is the improvement of a person’s quality of... Read more

Degree or Skill - which is important?

In today’s world of cut throat competition and increasing population both degree and skill are of great importance because when there are two equally competent people for the same job it becomes imperative that the person be selected who has a degree. This attitude is important and feasible in... Read more

NEET Exam 2017: 4 Kerala teachers suspended

This is so painful and ridiculous. Where are we? India is it?  What is happening? Women are being condemned? With all respect to the council who formed the norms and regulations for the NEET Exams. Being strict is a must, precautionary measures are a must, but is it to this extent, where a... Read more

No more junk food in school canteens

It comes as a need for the hour! Many school canteen sell puffs, pizzas, samosas etc., Children tend to buy them during lunch breaks. It’s a fashion amongst youngsters to buy these types of food, thus spoiling their health. The Maharashtra state education department has issued a... Read more

Can Career Counsellors get you good jobs?

A good counsellor can help draw out and let one reveal for oneself factors and habits currently operating undercover. The revelation of this kind of thoughts help the counsellor decides about your past. Career counselling is about matching our client’s likes and dislikes to his work... Read more

Jewellery designing as a Career

The main qualification for Jewellery designing as a career is of course in-born creativity and imagination. This precisely used to be the reason why in olden days like all other works of skill this too used to be handed down from one generation to the next within the family. Whatever nuances or... Read more

Schools offering Course in Film making and Television

A graduation course in film and video programs consists of traditional classroom instruction, workshops, seminars, and professional training through special projects. Audio production Scriptwriting Film editing TV interpretation Motion picture production Graduates... Read more

Women in Uniform

A woman in uniform is the prettiest sight that can meet any eye. The various uniforms include that of a nurse in a hospital in service to humanity. Personnel belonging to all the three armed forces as well as Para military forces in the service of the country, the Police providing service to the... Read more