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blog_comment shyam37956 has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "hai.. you can go for MBA after the completion of BA History. And you can pursue a successful career. You are also have an option of specializing in MBA like HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, Banking etc, so that you can develop particular skills. There are a number institutions in India, they are offering MBA courses and ensuring placements too, like Symbiosis, Lovely Professional University, VIT etc. Some of them are offering scholarships too to the meritorious students. "
8 days ago
forum_post deepali77181 has asked a question on MBA community
on 17-4-17
forum_post tanvi44517 has asked a question on MBA community
on 5-4-17
forum_post naresh54229 has asked a question on MBA community
on 1-4-17
forum_post varnika30595 has asked a question on MBA community
Question : "My mat score is 340 "
on 22-3-17
blog_comment minglebox-counselor has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "No, There is no option to attend Group Discussion (GD)/Personal Interview (PI) on Skype Call. Only at selected institutes the skype call option is available for overseas candidates. You check with the college if they have any admission centre at your city. All the Best!!!!"
on 21-3-17
forum_post nivetha.r37962 has asked a question on MBA community
on 17-3-17
blog_comment minglebox-counselor has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "Hello, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Human Resource Management is a 3 year degree. To know more about the course, please click on the link below: http://www.minglebox.com/mba/courses/human-resource-management/ug-bachelors-degree-human-resource-management To know about the college offering the BBA, please click here: http://www.minglebox.com/bba-bbm Thank you for writing in. Have a good day!"
on 14-3-17
forum_post karan45173 has asked a question on MBA community
on 11-3-17
blog_comment aritra03100 has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "You should definitely try to take admission in Unitedworld School of Business. This institute is providing AICTE approved PGDM which is equivalent to (or rather i would say better than) MBA. This institute is renowned for its experiential learning techniques and multi-layer placement cell that provide regional, national and international placements to its students. Some of the companies that recruited students from this institute in the past are-Google, CocaCola, Nestle, Pran Dubai, JK Tyres etc"
on 8-3-17
blog_comment minglebox-counselor has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "Hey Amuktha ! Yes, you are eligible to apply for the MBA programmes. To know more about MBA, follow the link given below : http://www.minglebox.com/mba Good day ! "
on 2-3-17

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No more junk food in school canteens

It comes as a need for the hour! Many school canteen sell puffs, pizzas, samosas etc., Children tend to buy them during lunch breaks. It’s a fashion amongst youngsters to buy these types of food, thus spoiling their health. The Maharashtra state education department has issued a... Read more

Can Career Counsellors get you good jobs?

A good counsellor can help draw out and let one reveal for oneself factors and habits currently operating undercover. The revelation of this kind of thoughts help the counsellor decides about your past. Career counselling is about matching our client’s likes and dislikes to his work... Read more

Jewellery designing as a Career

The main qualification for Jewellery designing as a career is of course in-born creativity and imagination. This precisely used to be the reason why in olden days like all other works of skill this too used to be handed down from one generation to the next within the family. Whatever nuances or... Read more

Schools offering Course in Film making and Television

A graduation course in film and video programs consists of traditional classroom instruction, workshops, seminars, and professional training through special projects. Audio production Scriptwriting Film editing TV interpretation Motion picture production Graduates... Read more

Women in Uniform

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