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Answer : "hai.. you can go for MBA after the completion of BA History. And you can pursue a successful career. You are also have an option of specializing in MBA like HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, Banking etc, so that you can develop particular skills. There are a number institutions in India, they are offering MBA courses and ensuring placements too, like Symbiosis, Lovely Professional University, VIT etc. Some of them are offering scholarships too to the meritorious students. "
on 19-5-17
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Question : "My mat score is 340 "
on 22-3-17
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Answer : "No, There is no option to attend Group Discussion (GD)/Personal Interview (PI) on Skype Call. Only at selected institutes the skype call option is available for overseas candidates. You check with the college if they have any admission centre at your city. All the Best!!!!"
on 21-3-17
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Karolinska Institute - A Medical University in Sweden

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Masters of Natural Resources

In this program, you will learn to manage natural resources from a broad range of perspectives. You will develop a system’s view of natural resources through a series of courses that explore the field as it relates to ecology, human behavior, policy, law, and practical tools and technology. ... Read more

Child, Family & Consumer Studies, B.S.F.C.S.

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MS in Bioregional Planning & Community Design - University of Idaho US

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