Computer Science is a science that deals with theory and system of processing information in digital computers, designing the computer software, hardware and applications for the computers. It is also known as Computing Science. Computer Science commonly gets confused with information technology, but Computer Science differs from its related fields as it more concerned on understanding the programs properties which are used for creating new softwares for games and various applications related to computers.


A scientist who is specialist in computers has strong knowledge in theoretical foundations of computing and applications of computer systems. Computer Scientists work on the theoretical characteristics of Computer Systems. 


Few Courses offered in Computer Science: -


  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Application
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Master of Science in Computer Communication
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Hardware

Basic Eligibility



For admission into bachelor’s degree a student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 in science with maths from any recognized university/institute. The duration for the program is of 3 years.



For admission into master’s degree a student must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from any recognized institute. The duration of the program is 2-3 years.


Few specializations in Computer Science: -


  • Software Engineering
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computational Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Elements and Architecture

Job Prospects

Computer Science is a sector that is constantly growing nowadays. Computers are being used nowadays in all spheres of life and are dependent on productive software and better computers. The requirement of computer professionals is high in most companies as they can create new and better software systems which will increase the efficiency of the computers. Graduates in this field can work as technical administrators or researchers in different computer industries.

The majority of graduates in this field pursue their career as a project leaders, junior programmer and system analysts etc. Major employers in this field are AT&T, HP, IBM, Dell, Intel, Google, IBM, and Yahoo etc.

Pay package: -

The salary of a professional depends on the factors such as the company, job profile, qualification, skills and work experience. In private sectors they offer an attractive salary when compared to the public sector. In India students who pass out from a reputed IT institutes can expect a direct placement in good firms with pleasing salary packages.

In government sectors one can earn a salary ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.25,000 per month. Where as in private sectors one can initially earn a salary ranging from Rs. 8000 to Rs.15000 per month and the salary increase sup to Rs.8,00,0000 per annum with an experience of 3-4 years.

Few job profiles: -


  • Computer Communications Specialist
  • Computer Engineer
  • Consultants
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Communication Analyst
  • Professor
  • Research Analyst
  • System and Security Administrator

Few job sectors: -


  • Banks
  • Consultancies
  • Database Management Companies
  • Design Support Firms
  • Data Communications Companies
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Order Processing
  • Stock Exchange
  • Simulations Manufacturers
  • Universities

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