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  • Sir,im taking XAT 2010.So,tell me some strtagies for how to crack XAT and especially essay writing section.Can u suggest any site from where i can find sample essays on XAT basis. By chandra4190, On 30 Dec 09 3 answers Tags: sample essays essay writing

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  • Download Most Important eBooks – Free
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    By seemagupta40, On 03 Jan 10
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    By seemagupta40, On 02 Jan 10
  • Hello,
    Check here for the tips of XAT Preparation.For the essay read a lot of good articles on social and economics concern to get ideas flowing. Start the essay with a proper introduction and always try and have a conclusion. The let the essay communicate your thought cripsly and coherently. Before writing on the subject try and analyse the subject to the best of your ability. Also practice writing an essay every day in the last one month to XAT. For more on essay writing tips please take a look at the following link:
    Essay Writing Tips for XAT.
    Hope this helps you!
    Cheers! By mingleboxcounsellor, On 30 Dec 09

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