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BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Industries : Lasalle College of Arts Singapore

This world is a fashion conscious one. Most of the fashion companies in the world are reinventing themselves to be relevant to the new market that has developed. Innovation has become the key in an industry that has become overcrowded with a lot of new generation fashion companies giving a tough... Read more

MBA/BBA/MCA/BCA/MSc(IT)/BSc(IT) Course through Distance Education : Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University in India is one of the fastest growing universities in the last decade. It is a modern day example of why experience is not necessary when you can provide the best quality education to the students. It is a unique case of a public-private partnership between the Government... Read more

Common Entrance Exam Design (CEED) for admission into M.Des

Have you ever thought of entering the imaginative world of design and create marvelous pieces of wonder that have the potential to change the world technologically, artistically and even at times culturally? If yes, the exam called CEED or Common Entrance Exam Design which provides you an entry to... Read more

Professional Masters in Games Development: Abertay University UK

Gaming, a word fills anyone with enthusiasm, a thrill, and a sudden urge to go to your computers and play stations. Ask any Computer Science or Information Technology professional and at some point or the other, they would definitely have had a dream to develop or work for some gaming firm and... Read more

Oil, Gas & Petroleum Energy Management Courses: A Career Overview

Ever thought what has led to the boom in Industries across the globe? Ever wondered why the USA is the superpower it is? Or have you ever thought why Saudi is so rich? The answer to all these questions can be attributed to Oil, Gas, and petroleum. For the past two centuries, the accelerated growth... Read more

Indian Women are finding it tough to get employment

Indian job scene is booming, and it has been so for years especially in the services sector, but not all segments of the Indian population have benefited from this boom. On a contrary some sections like the Women of India have had a negative share of this growth the percentage of working woman has... Read more

India Epidemic Intelligence Service (South) Training Programme at National Institute of Epidemiology

An epidemic is defined as the rapid spread of a disease among a large number of people in a particular geography. Epidemics are public health disasters which could range from hospitalization of a large number of people to even people losing their lives, as in the case of the Great Plague which... Read more

Master of Business Administration at James Cook University

James Cook University began its operations in the year of 1970 on the shores of the Great Barrier reef. Priding itself to be in the best geographical location possible located between the tropical rainforests of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, JCU is one the top 2 percent universities in the... Read more