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Advantages of a Global MBA

Advantages of a Global MBA

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Gradutates in India rank Master of Business Administration (MBA) as one of the most sought after courses. In the view of these graduates, an MBA degree id the key to a successful future.  Students usually opt to specialize in functional areas of business and choose a relevant MBA program accordingly.

Although, the MBA course curriculum offered by prominent B-Schools in the world is similar, there are substantial differences in the method of course delivery by an Indian educational institution and an international educational institution. Let’s look at some major advantages of a global MBA:

Hands on Learning:  

International MBA programs are based on reviewing the case studies of several business entities. This method of imparting the course essentially makes a student understand how to apply a theory into actual business practices. This method of teaching is much more interesting as well as practical in contrast to the Indian MBA programs, which emphasize more on theoretical learning. 

Scientific Self-assessment method:

The international B-schools conduct regular psychometric tests presided over by highly qualified professionals for knowing the aptitude of their students. These tests not only help them choose their MBA specialization but also help them analyze their skills.

Cultural Diversity

An MBA program from a foreign university enables one to interact with students from all across the globe. Numerous students with diverse culture and rich work experience join MBA programs.Wide exposure and interactions with culturally diverse students helps one in exchanging ideas and enables one in developing his/her personality.

Broadened Career Horizons

International MBA degrees are world renowned. As a result, once one pursues MBA program from abroad his/her career opportunities increase three folds in comparison to someone pursuing an MBA program from an average B-school in India.

Widens Networking Base

An international MBA program offers one an opportunity to network with who’s who of the business world through its vast alumni base. Students interact as well as network with business icons even before completion of their MBA program, which in turn helps in their final placements.

Earn while you learn:

Many international B-schools provide opportunities for paid internships where students can easily earn while learning. This serves as a dual benefit for candidates as apart from earning for their day-to-day expenses, they get an international experience added to their resume which further pays them off in the long run.

High opportunity cost:

Opportunity cost is comparatively higher for candidates pursuing MBA from abroad. The top B-schools in abroad such as Harvard and Oxford offer high paid placements. So a student seeking well paid jobs and luxurious life can easily think of taking admissions in top B-schools overseas.

On the whole, an international MBA degree opens up a window of opportunities and an excellent career with private and public enterprises in diverse fields. So, studying in an international top B-school is the key for a bright future.

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