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Application requirements and procedure for an MBA degree abroad

Application requirements and procedure for an MBA degree abroad

Every student knows the importance of the application procedure in securing an admission in foreign universities. MBA being one of the most sought after courses, admissions into B-schools is very competitive. It is very important for you to prepare your application package in a way to stand out in the herd of other applicants.

You application to an MBA program is typically a documentation of all important records. The general documents you have to submit include:


Your resume should reflect your work experience. Ensure to highlight your professional achievements and skills. You resume should not be detailed, but should not exceed over a page.

Letters of Recommendation:

Letters of Recommendation or LORs are highly recommended by most foreign B-schools. You might have to submit a minimum of two to four letters. It is best to get atleast two letters of recommendations from your previous employers. LORs will be used by most B-schools to validate the information you have mentioned in your essay.


Essays play a very crucial role in your MBA admissions. Unlike the statement of purpose, most B-schools specify the essay questions. Make sure to maintain a simple language and flow in your essays. Substantiate your arguments with suitable examples to demonstrate your skills and capabilities.

Cover letters:

Most B-schools will require you to submit extensive cover letters. These letters are used to check your language proficiency. You will have to talk about your career goals, reasons for choosing the MBA program, why you are eligible for the program and the likes. Many schools will specify the word limit. Please stick to the limit. 

General requirements for MBA degree abroad

The dream of obtaining an MBA degree may be universal among students across the globe, but the program structure and the entry requirements vary among the B-schools.  However, the basic requirements for an international MBA include:

  • A minimum of four years of study following 10+2
  • Excellent academic record
  • TOEFL or IELTS and GMAT scores. It is mandatory to take up the GMAT exams if you are planning to study in a B-school in the US unless specified otherwise by the university.
  • Work experience. Most foreign universities require atleast a minimum of two years of work experience.

GMAT scores:

Graduate Management Admission Test, popularly known as GMAT is a standardized test used by applicants to assess your potential for business and management studies. Nearly 900 management institutes - most of these being US based - give admission in the MBA program on the basis of GMAT scores. We will discuss the importance of GMAT in the following posts.

Your application package plays a very important role. Make sure to check the programs and the requirements before your apply. Prepare your application form with a motive to deliver what the admission office is looking for.

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