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Asian students educated in the US, return home for better job opportunities

Asian students educated in the US, return home for better job opportunities

The trend of US educated Asians leaving USA and returning to their home countries for better job  opportunities started during the time of recession. With unemployment rising in that period, Asian students after graduation had no choice, but to head back to their home countries for work. This trend has remained unchanged today with Asian students leaving North America and heading back to countries for better job prospects.

Before recession, Asian students who went to US for pursuing higher studies in Business would seek jobs in Silicon Valley or Wall Street. But now, the focus is shifting to emerging markets in Asia.   But this does not exclude US out of the trend. Many major businesses in the East are multinational companies with head quarters in the US as well. MBA graduates with international education and knowledge of both countries are hired in large numbers.

With  increase in East-West business collaboration, Asian graduates with western knowledge, understanding of the local culture, and greater number of contacts form the West have a lot of potential to grow to higher ranks in the corporate sector. They have the advantage of understanding business in both countries and can easily take up leadership roles.

Although there are many business schools starting in Asia to meet the demand for local knowledge, countries in Asia still have a long way to go before they can become major competitors in the international education market.  Many Asians see Asian job opportunities as a chance to grow fast in the industry. Some are keen to join the growing corporate sector in the East. Either way a US degree is an important aspect in the process.

Source: Asian Correspondent

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