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Australian women graduates paid lower salaries than male counterparts

Australian women graduates paid lower salaries than male counterparts

A recent report showed that higher qualified men are paid more than the women with the same qualifications in Australia. The research was conducted on a sample population of 400000 students of 40 universities based on the university experience of the students.

In the period between 1998-2009, emerging universities saw that, women made up 50% of the total population. However the pay discrimination is the highest in Australia when compared to Newzealand, UK and Germany. . A study conducted by The Australian Centre for Educational Research showed that people with a higher qualified degree earned 50% more from those that did not possess one. The discrimination is recorded to be more in the field where qualification are high and women earn only 72 % of the total percentage of what men earn.

 The ACER authorities are highly concerned about the alarming rate of difference and are somehow hoping to equalize the ratio. With the large number of graduates passing out every year, Australia is one of the countries that have highly qualified men and women and therefore the differences in salaries are evident in the scenario.

Source: The Times of India

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