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Challenges that an international students can face while studying abroad

Challenges that an international students can face while studying abroad

If you are all geared up to start your semester of higher study in a foreign university, here are a few points to ward of anxiety or culture shock that you might face in the country. It is natural that you might face difficulties adjusting to the new environment in the stranger country. Given below are a few points to look out for when you start college in the country.

Culture Differences

Coming from another part of the world to a foreign country can make you feel like an outcast among the local students. It is therefore important to mix and blend in their culture. You must accept the fact that there are differences but it is alright and you can adapt to it. If you are facing any problem, you should remember that you are not alone and there are many other students who have either faced or are facing the same struggle. Adapting can take a little time but in the end it is a learning experience.

Food and Eating habits

The eating and culinary habits differ from one country to another. However, globalization has helped blend in variety in the culinary sector. You must choose a healthy eating regime. Many universities offer nutritional counseling as well. Junk food is acceptable once in a while but that can spoil your lifestyle and health conditions. Staying healthy is one of the most important factors when you are in a different country as you are independent there and taking care of yourself should be a priority.

New People

People are a major part of a person’s social life. If you are not an outgoing person, you might consider taking it slow and steady. Getting a part-time job can help you make new friends. You must be open to the differences in your opinions and also their way of living. Do not be judgmental and form opinions rapidly. Making new friends will also help you settle and adapt fast in the country.

Different Subjects

The foreign study culture and curricula is very different from that of your native country. There might be some similarities but usually, students are taken aback by the diversity and disparities in subjects that they have studied in their home countries. Most universities require you to take a set of subjects that you might not be acquainted with. The whole point of the activity is to familiarize you with the diversity of subjects and help you decide on your major and area of interest. You must be open minded about the courses and take it in a positive way.

New professors and Assignments

When you are in a different university, there will be new teachers and professors, obviously. Their teaching methods may differ from those that you have studied under in your native country. Most university professors are adopting an interactive approach to help student learn more. Assignments also are of different structures than that studied earlier. There are regular test papers or presentations that you might have to prepare. Therefore, you have to be mentally and physically equipped for such disparities.

Learning is the ultimate motive. Studying abroad widens your horizons of understanding and knowledge. Taking it in the stride and adapting to the differences with a positive approach can help you have a pleasant experience in a foreign country.

Source: The US News

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