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Denmark plans to better its global education system

Denmark plans to better its global education system

Denmark is set to increase its efforts in attracting more international students for higher education into the country. A concept proposed by three ministers from the department of science and education aims in carving out a niche for Denmark in the global education market.   

The ministers stated that the international educations market is worth $2.2 trillion a year and in the near future global education is bound to grow drastically. To develop vocational courses offered in Denmark the number of programs offered in English should increase. The increase of the number of vocational courses thought in English can bring in more over-seas students into Denmark that could increase the economy’s growth

The ministers expressed that, other countries such as Australia and New Zealand earn billions through the education sector. They offer their courses in English and thus have an advantage of pulling in more international students. Denmark should put in extra efforts to offer education in English language.  They said that not offering more courses in English is a disadvantage for Denmark. The quality of the education can be upgraded by more foreign students thus strengthening career prospects for Danish students as well.

However, science, innovation and higher education minister Morten Østergaard, said that English will not dominate all programs. The same programs will be offered in English so that Denmark students can participate in them.University College Zealand is already profiting by exporting skills and education, especially through Vietnamese students. The government recently announced plans to give green cards to international students who have completed three years in university education. This will allow them to stay for three more years in Denmark to find employment.

Source: The Copenhagen Posts

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