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Distance education will be the new face of higher education in 2020

Distance education will be the new face of higher education in 2020

A survey published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that the image of higher education will change by the year 2020. Around 1,021 educational professionals and stake holders such as technology researchers, Ivy League university professors, university directors and venture capitalists participated in the survey. They predicted that distance learning will be much easier with the help of technology. Students will virtually be able to travel to other continents and attend educational institution located on the other side of the globe.

Increasing cost of courses in universities is driving the need to have a new educational system. Today, participation, attendance, and on-campus commitment by students are the most important aspects of a universities success. This may change in the future. Distance learning, universities available online, and teleconferencing will lead to hybrid campuses.

60% of the respondents believe that higher education will have a completely different image by the year 2020. However, 39% believe that this will not have a drastic change in the traditional college sector. Other than class rooms using more technology for teaching, traditional schooling will still be important.

Corporate players are also keen on training their employees and have expressed their concern on adapting to the evolving digitalised world. They claim that not only is the education sector being revamped but it is also necessary that the business world familiarises itself with the dynamic growing environment. They state that re-education is the word of the century and employees have to be trained in various disciplines as the same jobs shall not sustain in the long run. Corporate executives hope that a link can be established between the educational institutes and organisations to keep the trend of learning and updating alive in the corporate sector.

Source: US News

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