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German model of vocational training : A solution to unemployment in USA

German model of vocational training : A solution to unemployment in USA

Many students studying in US universities are unable to find employment despite investing in a reputed university for high quality education. In the year 2009, four-year college graduates were unable to find employment in the areas they had studied as per the US government report. The government believes that by following the German educational method of vocational and educational training, unemployment in youth will decrease in the next ten years.

The German model of education provides Dual Vocational Training System (TVET); a program that many supporters believe is the reason behind low unemployment rates in Germany. The TVET program compels a student to apply in a private company for a 2 or 3 year training contract. After the students are accepted by the company, the government supplements the trainee’s on-the-job learning with more broad-based education in his or her field of choice at a publicly funded vocational school. The students come out with both practical and technical skills to compete in a global market with good overall knowledge about the market. The TVET ensures jobs for every student enrolled in vocational education.

However, the main concern is whether this educational model is practical in the US educational market. Sources from Vocational Training & Labor Markets at the Economic Development & Employment Department in Germany expressed that the corporation sector in USA does not feel vocational and technical training as its responsibility. Vocational training and education should not be perceived as courses for those students who have failed their higher education but rather as a training system that can bring down unemployment rates, they expressed.

It is difficult to propose that the dual model of German education can be applied in USA. However, the complex job market for graduate students passing out in the  US has forced some to consider following the German model of education.

Source: Business Week

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