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IDP Students Buyer Survey reveals USA and UK as visa unfriendly

IDP Students Buyer Survey reveals USA and UK as visa unfriendly

IDP Students Buyer Survey has revealed US as the least visa friendly country whereas UK as having the worst post study work rights out of the four top English speaking destinations. Nevertheless the student decision survey revealed both destinations as having the best education, one of the most important factors when it comes to studying abroad. 

The survey was conducted on 174 students from Asia and Middle East. The important aspects considered for this study were how the major English cities were perceived; the factors that made them take the decisions of where to study and the sources they got their information about the universities and countries from.

Sources from the IDP research said that the purpose of the study is to guide institutions in perceiving how students take their decisions and what factors they consider before they do so. According to the study-17% of the students stated that the quality of education mattered, 16% held the recognition of the qualification was important, 10% preferred opportunities for employment after graduation while 7% considered the course’s affordability. Other motivations varied by region.

The Results of the study show that students from different countries consider different factors when it comes to choosing a country for higher education. The study also showed the influence of media on decision on studying abroad. 60% of Chinese, 30% of Indians and 27% of Middle easterners’ students said that media played an important part in choosing a destination for higher studies.

Students also considered Australia to have the best post study work opportunities and Canada as the most visa-safe and affordable. UK was perceived as the least affordable. According to IDP these findings were groundwork and a result of a larger sample will come out in October 2012.

Source: The Pie News

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