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India and China graduates to increase by the year 2020

India and China graduates to increase by the year 2020

As per statistics revealed by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) four out of every ten young graduates are going to be from just two countries- India and China by the end of this decade. As per the revelations, in 2020, 12% of the world’s graduates will be Indians, 11% will be from USA and 29% from China. If this continues, 25-34-year old people with a higher education degree from countries such as India, China, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are going to increase by 40% by the year 2020.


Higher education reflects economic growth and performance. After World War II, graduates from US, Japan, Western Europe, and Russia dominated the globe. However, India and China are the major players. The rise of graduates in these countries mirrors the changing ambitions of the young generation. As per OECD figures graduate population aged between 25 and 64 will be parallel to the total population of USA and India will have the second largest share of graduates by 2020.


However, OECD figures cannot predict whether there will be enough jobs for the increasing number of graduates. Jobs in science and technology continue to grow thus giving better employment opportunities to graduated individuals as of now. The type of college degree also matters. More than a one third of students who enroll in colleges opt for a Bachelor of Arts degree followed by B.Sc, B.Com and B.Ed.


The OECD figures show that, the developing nations are fast catching up with developed nations in terms of the number of graduates passing out across the globe.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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