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Indian-American student complaint lands Harvard and Princeton in trouble

Indian-American student complaint lands Harvard and Princeton in trouble

An Indian origin student has complained about racial discrimination at Harvard and Princeton University. The student has accused the Harvard and Princeton Universities for not giving him admissions in undergraduate courses despite having eligible marks.

The unnamed Indian American student in California complained that the 2 universities discriminate against Asian-Americans for admissions to undergraduate courses. The Education Department of Civil Rights claimed that the complaint was received on August 22, 2011 and investigations were started on January 11 this year.

As per the complaint, the university discriminates Asian-Americans on the basis of race/national origin for admissions. However, sources from Harvard stated that the institute does not discriminate and 16% of the university’s undergraduate strength is Asian-American.

A report by Bloomberg revealed that Asian-American applicants are required to have higher test scores and GPAs than whites, Blacks or Hispanics in order to get admission to premier universities and colleges. The 2011 admission process at DUKE indicated that  SAT scores in reading and math sections for students accepted by the college were 1275 for Blacks, 1416 for Whites, 1347 for Hispanics, and 1457 for Asian-American.

Princeton in New Jersey has also claimed that the university does not discriminate against the Asian-Americans and will provide the government adequate information as required. The ratio of Asian-American undergraduates at Princeton University has increased to 17.7% in 2012 from 14.1% in 2007-08.

As per the 2010 census, there are 14.7 million Americans of Asian origin only plus 2.6 million who are multiracial including Asian.


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