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International students trapped in Legal limbo in UK

International students trapped in Legal limbo in UK

Foreign students, willing to continue staying in UK after having completed their studies are trapped without a passport due to visa delays. Some claim that they have waited for more than four months for their passports. Trapped without a passport and their visas between countries, the studentsfind themselves vulnerable as they can neither work nor go back to their families.  More than 600 students have signed a petition protesting that their basic rights are being denied by the holdup is visa processing. Angered by the hold up, students expressed that, the hold up in the visa processing reflects the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) poor quality of services.

In response to the petition, the UKBA officials stated that, many of the international students stayed back in UK to work after completing their studies.Due to this reason the automatic right of the student to stay back and legally find a job was stopped in April, 2012. The applications remaining will be worked on till the end of summer and once there is a decision on this matter the applicants will be contacted, they added. The sources from the agency also added that, applications can be withdrawn and documents will be returned to applicants who wish to withdraw their applications. The immigration inquiry bureau of UK can be contacted in this matter.

Students who have applied earlier this year are still waiting for their visa’s and documents. When contacting UKBA, they were just asked to wait till the end of July. The applicants are not even informed as to when their applications will be processed. The National Union of Students claimed this as a serious problem, which could hinder potential international students interest’s to Study in UK Universities.

Source: BBC News

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