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New assessment system to assess the quality of teachers

New assessment system to assess the quality of teachers

New York, along with 25 other states is all set to change the method of granting licenses to teachers. The new assessment system will require the teachers to prove their qualifications through homework assignments, video-taped instructions and lesson plans rather than just tests and written essays. This change is initiated to ensure that the candidates who apply for a teaching job have the necessary skills to handle students of different abilities and needs.

Earlier, teaching candidates were typically required to complete an undergraduate program majoring in the chosen subject and pass three state tests. However,under the new assessment system, two of the three written exams will be replaced.  In addition, a teacher’s daily handouts, lesson plans and assignments will be reviewed by trained evaluators. They will be assessed on their problem solving abilities and reasoning capabilities.

Educational systems will have no choice, but to change their curriculum to meet the new standards. However, critics of the new assessment system are skeptical of the proposed assessment’s success. This standard of assessment will come into effect from 2014 in New York.  

Source: The New York Times

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