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New Zealand government withdraws student allowance support for postgraduate studies

New Zealand government withdraws student allowance support for postgraduate studies

The New Zealand government’s decision to withdraw student allowance support for postgraduate students from 2013 has become a major concern in teachers, health professionals and students.  Sources from the Union of Students' Associations stated that the government is imposing more debt on students who are already in debt to pursue their studies. This can only lead to assume that the New Zealand’s government’s intention is to discourage students from pursuing post graduate degrees. 

Another announcement from the government this month that has led to a debate is that, by giving only 30 postgraduates students the $2.1 million scheme for pre-selected businesses, New Zealand’s tertiary education will only be bringing out few selected postgraduate holders. This is yet another hurdle in New Zealand’s higher education.

As per sources, ‘Architecture NZ’ an official magazine of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, has also joined in the discussion of the government’s decision. The magazine pointed out that students will be forced to study only under graduate studies- a qualification that will only be eligible for technicians in offices. It does not complete the requirement of skills needed in a professional organization. The flaws in the budget will only send more students to pursue their education in Australia.

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