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Peace Corps-an alluring opportunity for students in the US

Peace Corps-an alluring opportunity for students in the US

Currently, students in the US are facing difficulties in finding a job that can help them survive in the country. A recent study conducted by the Georgetown Center of Education and Workforce revealed that 8.9 % of the recent college graduates did not have any jobs in hand. The condition of architecture and arts graduates is even more tragic as the percentage of unemployment stands at 13.9 and 11.1% respectively. In this situation, volunteering at the Peace Corps is a very viable option.

Peace Corps is a non-profit organization that helps promote peace by working and living in their own as well as developing countries for the benefit of the public. The organization celebrated its 50th anniversary recently and has volunteers working in 76 countries. The organization currently has a fleeting count of 9095 volunteers who have contributed largely to the success of Peace Corps. The deputy director of communications stated that a lot of applications have been coming in since the job market landslide. Students possessing variety of skills like foreign language proficiency, leadership and technical talents. The Peace Corps provide their volunteers with a monthly stipend and also help them with student loans. It also provides a transition fund of $7425, pre-tax.

Working with the Peace Corps can also give an added advantage to the resume of the candidate and hence provide an edge while entering the real job market. A volunteer of the Peace Corps is also grated tenure for 12 months in the government agency on completion of the commitment time with Peace Corps.

However, working with the organization can be a challenging task and one must not take it up just for the sake of adding leverage to ones resume. It is more than just social service and abroad travel. One must have a genuine purpose to apply with the Peace Corps 

Source: The US News

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