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Sample Statement of Purpose for Computer Science and Engineering

Sample Statement of Purpose for Computer Science and Engineering

A Statement of Purpose tells the admissions committee something about your character and why you want to pursue your chosen academic path. While applying for an undergraduate degree, writing an SOP is an important step as the competitive undergraduate programs, such as those in the engineering field will have lot of applicants

Here is a sample Statement of Purpose for computer science engineering:

“I was around 8 years old when one day my father took to me his office and showed me something which was a revelation for me. I first laid my hands on a computer on that day and typed in a command and it has been a fascination ever since.  After that very first encounter, I have been enamored with computer and their languages.

These days the computers and the internet dominate every part of our lives. This 21st century engineering phenomenon plays a more vital role in our lives than ever before. As I observe numerous devices that were designed and built by computer science engineers, I also feel a desire to be a part of this prolific community of creative people who design these systems.

From my very first computer to the smart phones and tablets today, I have been equally fascinated about computer programming language and different electronic gadgets. I have also been ranked 'A' grade in class 10 board exams for Computer Science.

Besides learning about computers in school, I also started attending computer courses outside the school which really helped me to learn more and explore the world of computer.  Even during the class 11 and 12, I had chosen computer science as one of the subjects along with Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry.

My keen knowledge in computer and my dedication in the subjects, right from the beginning of high school days helped me to secure admission in one of the best college in the city. During my pre-university studies, I have been steadily exposed to the computer programming languages like C++, Java, Assembly Language, HTML and Computer Networking.

I have also been involved with a community of enthusiasts over designing a project about different types of electronic gates in which I was the project leader.  We also had a project in which we had designed an Instant Messenger in Java. As the group leader of my project team, I handled various aspects of project from coding to documentation and final testing and all of this had led to an immense exposure in working with a team where everyone is joint stakeholder and has different sets of opinions.

Now I have finished my class 12 board exams with flying colors and Computer Science engineering was a natural career choice after this for me. It is my strong belief that the education system in your university has the best to offer in the whole world. I am sure that if I can get a chance to be a part of this intellectually stimulating environment, my talent and creativity will be put to optimal use to make the society a better place to live with better technologies.”

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