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Student Visa Interview Guide Book

Student Visa Interview Guide Book

Student Visa Interview tips and Frequently Asked Questions.

The Interview questions that are asked during the Visa Interviews for studying abroad differ as per the country that you are applying for.

It is very important to clearly mention to the consular’s your purpose/reasons for studying abroad. You must appropriately answering the questions that have been asked. You need to learn about the country that you will be going to, university and university/college so that you are well prepared to give smart answers to the consular during your student visa interview. Some of the tips that you must know before your visa interview are as follows:

• Make sure you learn each and everything about the course, university and the country that you are going to.
• Preparation needs to be in-depth regarding the broad questions about yourself.
• Practice a question and answer session with your friends or family.
• Be punctual on the date of interview and try arrive little early at the venue.
• It is good to wear formal clothes as if for a formal business meetings. For men, they can wear formal shirts and trousers and women can be in formals. Denims and T-shirts are a strict no.
• You should greet the officer with a smile and ‘Good Morning’ as soon as you enter the interview room.
• It is very important to be loud and clear when talking to the interviewer. 
• Try answering in a precise manner. The answer should not be very long and not very short too. It should convey the message clearly to the interviewer. 
• The tone of your voice should be polite and never try to argue or ask irrelevant questions.
• Believe in yourself and present yourself with confidence.
• If you don’t understand what the Interviewer asked you, do not hesitate to ask the same question.
• Be very honest in the visa interview.
• Your appearance should convey who you are. If you are a student you should look like one. If you are and executive then you should look like an executive. Your body language should convey friendliness but also that you are serious about your goal.
• In case you do not understand the interviewer’s question, you can ask him to repeat. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Some of the questions that are common across all countries and most of them would be asked during your student visa interview are listed below:
1. Why do you want to study in US/UK/Canada/Australia/any other country applied to?
2. Why have you chosen this University/college?
3. Who is sponsoring your education?
4. How will you pay for the stay in US/UK/Canada/Australia/etc?
5. Why do you don’t want to stay in your own country?
6. How many people are in your family?
7. Who earns in your family?
8. What do you know about the course that you have selected?
9. Do you have intentions to work in US/UK/Canada/Australia/etc?
10. What do you know about the University/College?
11. What are your plans after completion of your studies?
12. How many years do you intend to stay in US/UK/Canada/Australia/etc

It is not necessary that you will be asked these questions; you might be asked some of them or most of them. Therefore, it is important to prepare for all these questions in depth.  It is very important to have self-confidence, preparation and presentation in order to succeed in the Student Visa interview.

Following are the details of how each question is tackled appropriately in order to satisfy the interviewer the most.

Frequently Asked Questions in Student Visa interviews for USA with sample answers:

1. Interviewer : Why do you want to go to US for studies
Student: To pursue Masters in Management/science etc, and US universities have great facilities for research and is the centre of excellence. Getting a Masters degree from US will help me gain high recognition back in India and I’ll be at a better position after getting my degree.

2. Interviewer: Why do you think, US is a centre of excellence?
Student: Some of the global giants are from US like in the field of Hardware, its IBM, Dell and HP, in the field of networking, its Cisco and in the field of Software, it is GE and Motorola.

3. Interviewer: Why do you not want to study in India?
Student: I have the option to study in US, it is the best.

4.Interviewer: Why do you think, US is the best? Student:  As per USEFI, United States, Education Foundation in India, US is six year ahead of rest of the world.

5. Interviewer: India has IIT, why do you not want to go for something like that?
Student: It’s because the right kind of exposure that I am looking at.

6. Interviewer: What do you mean by “the right kind of exposure”?
Student:  You get exposure when curriculum is updated and abreast with the latest all across countries.

7. Interviewer:  Why this particular University/college?
Student:  As I have read about the University, it has the best curriculum and the best faculty.

8. Interviewer: List the schools that you have applied apart from this one?
Student:  I have applied to “x” number of schools and they are “……..”

9. Interviewer: How did you come to know about these schools?
Student: From my relatives and families.

10. Interviewer: Did you come in contact with any of the professor of university?
Student: If yes, show them the email proofs.

11. Interviewer: Tell me about your family
Student: Tell him about your family members

12. Interviewer: How are they financing you?
Student: You can tell them about the savings, fixed deposits and NSC.

13. Interviewer: How did your parent accumulate this much money?
Student: you need to tell him about the family business or the job profile of your parents.

14. Interviewer: What is the guarantee that you will come back to India? (Very Important Question)
Student: Here, you can say:

- the primary motive for me is to go to US for studies and not work there. 
-  I need to come back to take care of my family as I have many obligations towards my parents and or brothers and sisters.
- As I have enough property, there is no need for me to work in US.

15. Where can I see u in five years from now, your future plans?
Student: I would be working for a multinational company like Satyam, Cognizant technologies, Polaris, Visual Soft, InfoTech Enterprises.

16. Interviewer: Give me 3 reasons for giving u a valid visa to you?
Student: basically, I have a very supportive family and have a flair for higher education.

17. What if I don’t give you a visa?
Student: You are an ultimate judge and I am sure genuine students are never let down at the consulate.

18.  Ok, fine if I give u a visa?
Student: Thank, Profusely.

FAQs in the student Visa interview for UK with answers:

1. Interviewer: Why did you choose the institute and from where did you get the information about it?
Student: I found about it through internet and friends and family. Institute is offering the best of courses with reasonable fee structure along with the highly qualified staff.
2. Interviewer:  What made you select the course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?
Student: The course will lead me to achieve the goals or aims in life and yes, it is relevant to my previous studies.
3. Interviewer: Why did you select UK for this course? Is it not available in your country?
Student :  Since UK education system is one of the best across globe, I have gone ahead for the course. Also, the complete study atmosphere is what we don’t get in our country.
4. Interviewer: Can you tell the location of your university?
Student:  Here, student needs to tell the address of the university.
5. Interviewer: What courses are you taking and why?
Student: Explain about your course and how will it help you grow in your career.
6. Interviewer: Do you plan to work in UK after completion of studies?
Student: No, I will come back and either join a firm or start up my own business.
7. How much money can you earn after completion of the course?
Student: tell them about the expected salary.
8. Do you have any relative in UK?
Student: Here, try to be very honest.
9. What does your father do?
Student: tell the interviewer about your father’s job profile or business. If your father has taken a voluntary retirement, do not mention that.

FAQs in the student visa interview for Australia would be more or less same as the above mentioned questions and answers. Also, in Canada, students are called for an interview only if the Visa officers find any issue in the documents submitted by the applicant.


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