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Tips to structure an attractive resume

Tips to structure an attractive resume

Now that you have completed your course, jobs are the only thing that can strike you at this point of time. Finding an attractive job abroad can be a little difficult. Nevertheless, you must give every chance your best shot. One of the most crucial things that are considered while applying for a job is your resume. If you have a well structured resume, your chances of getting the job are maximized. Here are few tips on how to structure your resume attractively:

Keep it short and simple

Since you are a fresher in the job market, you might want to display all your skills and activities at one go. However, this may not help you with the job. It is advisable that you omit all the unwanted information and highlight activities that you think would be useful while you work for the company. However, it is also important to furnish all important details including your educational and personal details. Keep it short and simple, highlighting the right qualities and you can land yourself the interview.

Addressing the right person

Know who you are addressing the application to. Call the company ahead of your application and get to know who will be viewing your application. Mention the person’s name in your cover letter. This can display the amount of interest and enthusiasm you possess to join the company. A common “to whomever it may concern” or “dear sir/madam” shows lack of interest.

Avoid Templates

Do not opt for the usual templates that are available on the internet or document editing software. The more uniquely structured your resume is, the more interest it shall generate while the H.R views your application. If you are not design a resume on your own, you may take cues from online resume designs and tweak them to your advantage.

Source: The US News

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