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Top 10 US colleges that received the most applications

Top 10 US colleges that received the most applications

For the fall 2011 admissions, the US received almost 8.3 million applications and many of these students wound up in California. The University of California – Los Angeles, recorded over 61,564 applications received for the fall semester in 2011 - the highest number of applications received by an institution. In a survey that compared application rates amongst 1,333 ranked colleges the University also shot past the average per-school application rate, which was around 6,170 student applications per institute.

Ten schools in the US, who received the biggest number of applications, accounted for over half a million applications in total – seven of them are based in California. Given below is a list of the most popular institutes, in terms of applications, in the country.

1.       The University of California – Los Angeles

Popularly referred to as UCLA, the institute firmly believes in rejecting the status quo .It is home to 2 Nobel Prize winners, 12 Rhodes scholarship winners, more NCAA titles than any university and more Olympic medals than most nations. The institute received over 61,564 applications.

2.       University of California—San Diego

UC – San Diego has been recognized as an educational powerhouse and has been ranked consistently as one of the top 10 public universities by the U.S. News and the World Report. The institute is famous for its research work and had received 55,448 applications for its fall semesters.

3.       St. John's University (NY)

Recognized as one of the US’ leading catholic universities, the institute is over 143 years old and offers its students some of the best academic programs in the country. It comes in third on the list with over 52,972 applications for the fall courses.

4.       University of California—Berkeley

Berkeley, as it popularly referred to is home to some of the brightest minds in the world. It was discovered in a National Research Council analysis of 212 doctoral programs that 48 PhD programs in Berkelely were ranked amongst the top courses in US. The university comes in fourth with 52,966 applications received.

5.       California State University—Long Beach

The California State University – Long Beach has many distinctions attached to its name – it ranks as the fourth best university in the West, it was designated as the best in the west in the world by a Princeton review  titled “2012 Best Colleges: Region by Region” and one this list, it comes in at fifth place with 49,767 applications.

6.       University of California—Irvine

Amongst the 10 campuses in the University of California (UC) group, UCI is the fifth-largest UC campus, with over 28,000 students, 1,100 faculty members and 9,000 staff. With an enrolment rate like that, the university automatically jumps to the sixth position on the list, having received 49,287 applications for the fall semester courses.

7.       University of California, Santa Barbara

USBC in one of America’s public Ivy League institutes, which recognizes some of the top research work being conducted in the country. It offers over 87 undergraduate degrees and 55 graduate degrees. Over 49,008 students applied for the fall courses offered by the institute, placing it at the seventh spot on the list.

8.       Drexel University

Drexel University, established in 1891, offers over 70 full-time courses at the undergraduate level and over 100 courses on the masters, doctoral and professional levels. Its cooperative education program is recognized as on the finest in the US. It received over 48,450 applications, putting it on the eighth spot on the list.

9.      University of California, Davis

Commonly referred to as UCD, UC Davis, or just Davis, the institute was established in 1905. With a campus sprawling over7, 309 acres (2,958 ha), it is the largest institute within the University of California system. For its fall applications, it received over 45,806 applications

10.    Pennsylvania State University – University Park

Last but not least the Pennsylvania State University – University Park was founded in 1855. It was ranked at the 46th spot on the 2013 edition of the Best Colleges and National Universities. It received around 45, 502 applications from prospective students and rounds off the list of the most popular institutes in America.

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