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UK: Delay in issuing work permits hampers student employment opportunities

UK: Delay in issuing work permits hampers student employment opportunities

The UK border Agency’s lax efforts are costing students their prospective career goals. Non-Eu students and students who wish to work while studying are facing huge restraints on acquiring work permits. Students from Bulgaria and Romania have been awaiting their work licenses for a period of 18 months, while it should take only six months to obtain the work permit from the time of application.

The population of Bulgarian students has seen a 36% rise while Romanian national students rose to 45% making them one of the top 10 nationalities to Study in UK. The recent visa regulations and norms changed the work permit rules and the students from the two territories can now apply for valid full work permits, given they identify themselves as students. However, the changes introduced have not led to any minimalisation of woes, not only for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals but also for other foreign nationals.

Many international students have paid extra amount in order to get their documents in line and afraid of the fact that their applications would be declared null but the UKBA has been inefficient in the handlings. The National Union of Students have received many complaints on the same issue and recently a large group of students filed a plea requesting and informing the UKBA to accelerate the visa process and provide timely issue of the important document. The students cannot start their placement years without the document which can hamper the perusal of their degrees.

Director of advice and training at the UK Council for International Student Affairs (Ukcisa) reportedly said that the inefficiency was caused due to staff shortage and also because of the Olympics events and at the peak of the knots, demand for student visa applications have been soaring and are expected to rise as the academic year commences by September. However, the UKBA is trying its best to accommodate a large number of applications. A spokesperson of the UKBA claimed that a student can apply and arrange for an urgent appointment by calling the immigration Enquiry Bureau in case of emergencies.

Source:The Guardian

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