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UK ranked 10th best in higher education

UK ranked 10th best in higher education

UK was ranked 10th out of 48 countries in providing higher education as per the report released for Universitas 21, an international group of universities. The study rated UK 27th for higher education spending. However, it was rated second for university research. Universitas 21 claimed that the new ranking was probably the first study that compared the effectiveness of national higher education systems.

As per the study, US tops the list followed by Sweden, Canada, Finaland and Denmark. Even though UK was ranked 10th overall, it was ranked second to US in terms of number of universities in the UK. The report also claims that the productivity of these 48 countries is very high since there is major difference between output as well as resources.

Universities UK that represents all UK universities however claimed that the other established worldwide agencies such as Shanghai Jiating, QS and Times Higher have regularly rated the UK system 2nd after the US. As per the executive of Universities UK, different league tables utilize different methodologies and based on efficiency and output, UK still remains the 2nd leading university system across the world after the US. Moreover, Uk attracts a large number of overseas students in comparison to other countries and still remains of the leading global research powers in term of citations and publications.

Although with this study, UK does realize that in comparison to what an average OECD country spends on an average on higher education, UK spends a very little percentage of its GDP on higher education.  As a result, it will do UK good to understand that other countries are investing much more than UK in higher education and for maintaining its position as leading higher education provider it has to invest much more in the higher education field. 

Source: BBC News

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