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Universities oppose point-based admission system

Universities oppose point-based admission system

Criticism from universities and schools in UK might put an end to points-based system used by admissions service Ucas for potential higher education students. About two-thirds of universities and schools want the tariff system to be renewed. Instead, special qualifications, grades and subjects for various degree courses will be considered for the admission.

Earlier this year, proposals to renovate the tariff system were recommended in a consultation by Ucas. The findings revealed this month showed backings to these proposals. 63.5% of those who responded to the Ucas consultation were in favor of the plan. Ucas suggested to universities during the consultation, to consider withdrawing the tariff system gradually and replacing it with using qualification and grades for admission.

Many universities already use grade and qualification based offers for admission. The renovation would give a clear picture of qualifications needed to meet the demands of courses and institutions. Ucas stated that qualification and grade-based entry requirements are more transparent for students and institutions and provide greater control over admissions for their courses.   However, 16.1% of respondents who took part in the Ucas consultation were against the move stating that scrapping the point-based system will result in narrow options as there are a wide range of qualifications and not all of them are recognized by the current tariff and universities will have to consider subjects which will most likely draw in many students.

The points-based system was started more than a decade ago. A-levels and other courses are awarded scores in points. These points are later used by universities to make offers to students.

Source: The Guardian

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