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US universities give weightage to extracurricular activities

US universities give weightage to extracurricular activities

If you want to pursue a degree in the USA, you might consider adding a list of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) to your resume. Most reputed Universities in the US give weightage to CCA in the former educational endeavors of a prospective student. Universities want to ensure that the students they recruit, not only add to the academic but also cultural and social reputation of the institution. Therefore, mere good grades alone cannot ensure one, a seat in an esteemed college of USA.

Extra-curricular activities or CCA are those endeavors that a student is involved in apart from academic curriculum. Participating in cultural, sport or other activities; display ambition, hobbies and creativity of a student. However, the activities must be Proactive.

Listed below are few activities that can add leverage to your application form-

Student Forums and Clubs

Being a part of a student forum, club or organization in school or college can be highly beneficial for a student applying abroad. Various clubs and forums count in like-theatre, management etc. Authorities of various universities claim that the positions in the club counts as well. If a student is a treasurer or President of a club, it displays the commitment of the student towards the club and is a positive point. However, if a student spends too little time in too many activities, it can prove to be futile. Associations with clubs and organization help universities to know how an applicant interacts with colleagues in a nonacademic environment.

Individual projects

Self initiated projects such as making a documentary, recording and writing songs, active blogging, writing for the college magazine and others are highly appreciated while considering applications as they display a symbol of leadership.


Internships of any kind are appreciated during admissions as they help to know how student applies knowledge and skills to real work environment. Any kind of mundane activity such as sorting papers or assisting presentations can help one learn much about the company and its work ethics. Therefore, an internship experience can also make it easy for a person to find a job in a foreign country.

Social Service and NGO work

Being involved with charitable institutions and working actively towards the development of one’s society is one of the most impressive aspects one can add in their application for studying abroad. Colleges appreciate the fact that a potential student gives back their bit to the society and is aware of the social issues of the country.

Therefore, being involved in extra- curricular activities can help you get shortlisted while applying to a university in the USA.

Source: New York Times

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