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Work experience: A very important criterion for MBA admissions

Work experience: A very important criterion for MBA admissions

Most Indian B-schools accept students into the MBA program without work experience. However, in most foreign universities work experience is a very important criterion for your admission into a B-school. Premier B-schools in most foreign countries requires you to have a minimum of two to four years of work experience. However, there are a good number of schools that also accept freshers.

Why is work experience very important?

Most MBA programs abroad are designed for candidates with some amount of experience in the field of their study as textbook learning is given very little importance and the emphasis is laid on practical learning and learning from other students. Students with prior work experience will be able to provide a different perspective to the content in the textbooks, making the discussion forum more diverse and open.  It is also believed that, work experience leads to clarity of goals. Candidates who have prior experience will be more focused and will know exactly what their career goal is when compared to a fresher who will be willing to explore various career opportunities. Having some amount of maturity in the field of study is important to understand the dynamics of the subject. This level of understanding can be easily achieved through work experience.

What would be the ideal amount of work experience?

A minimum of two years of work experience, backed up with good GMAT scores and a good essay (for application) would be ideal for top B-schools abroad. However, many a times, students also apply after having worked for a minimum of four years. The work experience adds value to your profile. But remember, your work should be relevant to your field of study to gain an edge over other candidates.

Where should you work?

You should take up work in areas related to your subject. For e.g., if you want to do MBA in finance, you should obtain your work experience in the field of finance. This will help you develop skills needed for the job as well as will increase your practical understanding of the subject.

Most b-schoolsprefer candidates with work experience as this will help them evaluate your skills and also the potential to handle the rigorous nature of the MBA program. Be wise while taking up the job. Think of how the particular job will help you build your profile.

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