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Job Prospects After Studying in Australia

Job Prospects After Studying in Australia

If you are a student looking for a great career after your studies, an Australian qualification is sure to give you a competitive edge. One of the greatest advantages of studying in Australia is the opportunities it provides on the employment front. Many employers recognize the Australian qualification as a mark of quality education.

Unlike many other countries abroad, Australia does not provide an automatic right on your student visa to work for sometime in Australia after your course. When you receive your student visa, the government lets you stay in Australia to study with an understanding that you will return to your home country on completion of your course. However, most Australian companies still recruit foreign employees who possess the work permit.

In recent years, Australian government has clamped down on most visa applications and visa categories like Occupational Trainee Visa (subclass 442) and Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 482), Skilled — Independent visa (subclass 885) and Skilled Sponsor Resident Visa (subclass 886) have been closed.

Here are a few of the categories of visa that are available:

Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 485) - This visa is the most common option available to international students after graduating. This visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution. It lets you work in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies.​​
You might be eligible to apply for this visa if you:

· are younger than 50 years of age

· are in Australia

· hold an eligible visa

· meet the two-year Australian study requirement

· have at least competent English

· have recently graduated with either an eligible qualification or with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the skilled occupation list (SOL).

Skilled Regional Residence Visa (subclass 887) - The visa awards one permanent residency and with this one can live and work in Australia permanently. One must have already lived in Australia for two years, have a year of work experience and have sufficient points.

You might be able to get this visa if:

· You have lived for at least two years in a specified regional area of Australia.

· You have worked full time for 12 months in a specified regional area of Australia.

· You hold a Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489), a Skilled Regional visa (subclasses 475, 487), a Skilled Independent visa (subclass 495), or a Skilled Designated Area visa (subclass 496)

· You hold a Bridging visa A or Bridging visa B after applying for a subclass 495, 487 or 489 visa.​

Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476):

The Skilled — Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476) allows recent engineering graduates of eligible universities to gain up to 18 months of skilled work experience in occupations. It is a temporary visa. You may be inside or outside Australia when you apply for this visa however you must be outside of Australia when the visa is decided.

You might be able to get this visa if you:

· Are younger than 31 years of age.

· Have completed an engineering degree at a recognised institution in the past two years.

Employment assistance:

International students in Australia are usually offered returning home seminars by many educational institutes and universities to prepare themselves for job prospects in the home country. In addition, the government of Australia has also developed Memoranda of Understanding between Australia and other countries. This also includes recognition of Australian qualifications.

Australian graduates are held in high esteem by employers in Australia and around the world and be it any field of study, Australian qualification will provide the best platform for career growth.

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