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Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is slowly becoming one of the popular study destinations for Indian students who are looking for study abroad alternatives to USA and UK. The excellent higher education institutions along with the benefit of studying in one of the best locations in a new culture provide a great value to many... Read more

Canada : Studying and Living

Canada is a wonderful place to study which is among the favorite destination for many Indian students who are seeking quality education in a peaceful environment. Canadian education boasts of many features including the attractive scheme where international students have the option of living and... Read more

Canada : Higher Education Accreditation Bodies

Higher education in Canada is governed by many bodies which help in making Canada’s higher education system is one of the reputed in the world. World over, most schools and colleges need to have accreditation to ensure they are recognized in the world order or global rankings. Canadian... Read more

Canada : Scholarships for Graduate, Postgraduate studies in Management, Science and Technology

Education abroad has been a common topic of discussion for most students who have completed their high school or are planning to pursue their further education in prestigious institutions outside the borders of the peninsula. The first area of analysis is undoubtedly to scan and find out the most... Read more

Canada : Student Visa

Interested students who want to study in Canada from overseas countries are required to get a Student Authorization Visa before going to Canada for studies. All the international students in Canada should also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. Students are... Read more

Canada : Application Process

If you are planning to study in Canada, you need to plan and prepare ahead to avoid any last minute rush to get into the university of your choice. International students are expected to start planning for their studies in Canada 1 year in advance. All Canadian universities process applications from... Read more

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