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Higher Education in Canada

Higher Education in Canada

Canada is fast emerging as one of the top study destinations for international students. Canada is well known not only for high quality of education but also for its multicultural milieu, mild climatic conditions, peaceful environment, stable political establishment and good health care facilities. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) maintains the quality of higher education in Canada. Canadian universities offer admissions twice in a year in the months of September and January.

Reasons why students go to Canada for higher education:

Globally recognized degree:  Canada has more than 60 universities and colleges as well as 160 community colleges that offer globally recognized degrees. The universities offer wide array of programs such as undergraduate, professional, certificate and graduate level programs.

Some of the top universities in the world are in Canada:  Some of the top universities in the world are located in Canada. University of Alberta, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, McGill University, and University of Toronto are in the list of top 100 universities in the world and are all based in Canada.

Canadian universities and colleges offer wide range of programs:The colleges and universities in Canada offer programs that range from multimedia & animation, biology, fine art, commerce, fashion design, medical, law to media studies, business administration and astronomy. There are over 10,000 undergraduate, certificates, professional and graduate degree programs offered in Canada.

Low cost of tuitionand living expenses:

Despite its high quality of education, the cost of tuition in Canadian colleges is low as compared to developed countries such as USA, UK, and Australia.  The average cost of tuition for international students is between Canadian dollar 3800 and C$13850. The average annual cost of living for international students is between C$7000 and  C$11000.

Scholarships & Financial assistance:  Various Canadian organizations as well as federal government and provincial governments offer Scholarships and financial assistance to international students.

On & Off Campus Employment:  There are various on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities available for foreign students to support their stay and Study in Canada. Students pursuing a full-time degree program are allowed to work on campus without a work permit. Some of the government funded colleges allow international students to work off-campus during their study period.

All the above mentioned reasons are some of the biggest reasons that attract international students to Canada for higher education.

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