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Top 10 Countries to Study in Europe

Top 10 Countries to Study in Europe

Let us say you are planning to study in Europe. You have gathered some basic information and now you are all set to explore the continent for the best country with an excellent university that offers you the course you aspire to pursue. It turns out that you need some help. Reality strikes you. You have 44 countries to choose from. Each country has outdone the other in the educational front with thousands of higher educational institutions. You are spoilt for choices and have no clue where to start. That’s where we come in.  Explore the top ten countries in Europe to study in with us to make your search easy.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (UK) is the most sought after destination for higher education. At any level, UK provides you with the flexibility to shape your study to suit your needs. As an incentive you will also get to experience centuries –old tradition of excellence and innovative approaches that makes UK education respectable and recognized all over the world.

Presently, the UK is the second most popular choice for international students worldwide (second only to the United States). UK owns the legacy of providing numerous facilities and flexibilities to the students through its excellent institutions. UK offers much more to its international students in comparison to any other English speaking country.

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Germany, the heart of Europe, besides being a perfect picturesque is also one of the top ten European countries to study in. With over 400 higher educational institutions and 13, 500 degrees to choose from, more and more international students are moving to Germany for higher studies. The ratio of local and international students is 10:1, which speaks for the quality of the German education.

The educational system in Germany has undergone certain reforms with changing times, but like in other European countries, the rich legacy is kept intact. Universities of Applied Science that offer courses that are job specific exist alongside with the classically-oriented universities that offer a wide range of study programs and degrees. The university landscape in Germany is further enriched with Music colleges, art, film and media academies. Academic life in Germany is progressive and job oriented. Studying in Germany will lead you one step closer to your goals.

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With the highest literary rate (99.6%) in the world, Russia basks in the glory of its educational system that is synonymous with high-quality education recognized world over. With more than 650 state universities, Russia attracts students from nearly 200 other countries. The Russian universities carry the legacy of more than 100 years and offer degrees that are reputable across the globe.  About 80% of the professors who teach in the universities of Russia hold a PhD degree, adding to the quality of the education.  At the Russian state universities, up to 80% of the fee is subsidized by the Russian government to make higher education affordable for international students.  The higher educational sector in Russia offers a wealth of options to choose from.

Studying in Russia not only gives you a chance to build your career life, but will also help you attain a different cultural perspective and broadens your personal horizons.

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The first picture one thinks of on mentioning Switzerland is the Alps mountain range, rich landscape and holiday. What many of us are not aware of is its distinguished higher education system. With ten cantonal universities and two federal institutes of technology, the country has gained international recognition as center of excellence for education and research. This powerhouse of Europe has seven universities that appear on the top 151 world universities ranking. With its international standards of education, four of the seven ranked universities have made it to the world’s top 25 in terms of international students. Nearly 50.000 international students study in Switzerland. Though the cost of living is not easy on the pockets, the low fee costs are a relief to international students, making Switzerland one of the cheapest places in the world to study in. 

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The winner of “Best Students Cities in the World” award for 2012-France has nearly, 300,000 international students making it the fourth most popular destination in the world. The system of higher education in France is made of public universities, technical institutes and grandes écoles. While the French universities offer a wide range of courses, the most popular courses among the students is History, Art and Architecture. This is no surprise as France has been a major international player as the center of arts for decades now. With its unique combination of quality education, arts, history and culture France is more than just a quality education centre. If you are one of those people who enjoy the slow pace and want to savor every bit of your academic life, then France is your destination.

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This beautiful country of Europe is the cradle to some of the oldest universities of the continent. Today, Spain is one of the most popular destinations of study in Europe for students within the educational exchange programs and for study abroad summer programs. Be it any field of study, at all levels Spain offers some of the best study programs with various options to choose from. You could also learn today’s most important global communication language –Spanish and experience rich and diverse culture that is universal in all its expressions.

Spain offers you the best balance between history and modernity. Be it quality education, a multicultural society or vibrant student life you are looking for, Spain will not disappoint you.

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The country of Netherlands has gained popularity for its multicultural institutions, which have nearly over 37,000 EU students studying every year. The Netherlands higher education system is made of Research universities and Universities of applied science. In the list of the top 200 universities of Times Higher education, 12 universities have secured a position on the ranking list. Of the wide range of subjects offered, the highest enrollments are made in Engineering, Economics, Language and culture and behavior and society courses.  Along with these programs, Netherlands universities also offer their international students a wide range of English taught programs that help you develop and sharpen your professional skills.

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Poland is the new emerging study destination in Europe. The highly renowned Polish educational system has a history of 650 years. This fascinating country serves not only as the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, but the educational system has benefitted the countries surrounding Poland. The Polish education system that underwent reforms in 2007-08 has three stages of higher education namely, Bachelor (Licencjat, Inżynier), Master (Magister), and Doctor for all fields of study with exception to Law, Medicine and Densitry, Veterinary Medicine and Psychology  which follow two stages-Master and Doctor. Poland has gained the status of bringing in the concepts of professionalism and spirit of innovation.

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With commitment to excellence, this world’s friendliest country, Ireland is the English-speaking country with close connections with the UK. Students can fulfill their higher education dreams with Irish qualifications from some of the world’s best business schools, renowned faculties in arts and humanities and science and technology centers. International students can gain support from dedicated international student support offices throughout their time of study in Ireland. Qualifications from Ireland is a passport to your success as graduates are perceived as highly distinguished by all employers. Ireland is also the home for many reputed organizations like Apple, Intel, Google and Facebook to name a few.

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Turkey-the gateway of Europe to Asia is a historic land. The higher education system of Turkey comprises of 4 years of University education or 2 years of study at higher vocational schools, with some schools having a year of language studies. Turkish institutes offer a wide variety of study programs and the undergraduate study is for a time frame of two-four years, while the postgraduate programs are designed for two years. International students will be experiencing both the east and west cultures, given the location of the country. Studying in Turkey will be historically enriching and mystic.

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The European countries have a lot to offer on the educational front. Studying in these countries will not only give you award you with qualifications that are well-reputed, but will also help you gain a different perspective that will broaden your horizons.

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