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Germany Top Universities

  • HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences (formerly known as Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, FHTW) is the youngest and largest University of Applied Sciences in Berlin...
  • University of Bielefeld University of Bielefeld established in 1969 with an explicit research assignment and high demands on the quality of a research-oriented teaching. Today it comprises 13 faculties, whic...
  • Catholic University of Eichstatt Ingolstadt The Catholic University of Eichstatt, Ingolstadt was established as a scientific college in 1980. Catholic University Eichstatt-Ingolstadt (CU) is a Roman Catholic university in Eich...
  • European University Viadrina Frankfurt European University Viadrina Frankfurt is located at Frankfurt (Oder) in Brandenburg, Germany. It is also known as the University of Frankfurt (Oder). The city is on the Oder River, w...
  • FernUniversitat Hagen FernUniversitat Hagen is the largest and the only state-run distance teaching university in Germany. The Headquarters are located in Hagen, Germany. FernUniversität was establish...
  • Free University of Berlin Free University of Berlin was established in 1948, by students, scholars and scientists with the support of the American allied forces and politicians in Berlin. Free University of Be...
  • Helmut Schmidt University Helmut Schmidt University originally known as the University of the German Federal Armed Forces Hamburg was established in 1973, located in Hamburg, Germany, at the initiative of th...
  • Humboldt University of Berlin The Humboldt University of Berlin was established in 1810 as one of the Berlin's oldest universities by liberal Prussian educational reformer and linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt, whose ...
  • Jacobs University Bremen Jacobs University Bremen was earlier known as International University Bremen (IUB) is a highly selective, top-ranked, private, independent research university in Bremen, Germany. Jac...
  • Goethe University Frankfurt Goethe University Frankfurt was established in 1914 with private funding and inspired by the legacy of the European Enlightenment, Goethe University stands out as a pioneering “...

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Germany : Student Visa

To Study in Germany as a student must apply at a German Embassy or Consulate General for student visa. Unless and until a student is having a visa he/she will not be able to study in any institute of Germany. You can apply for student visa only after getting the admission letter from the... Read more

Germany increases fellowship rates

Those interested in pursuing research in Germany have something to cheer about, with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation increasing the fellowship rates. With effect from December 1, post-doctoral research fellows will receive 2,650 Euros instead of 2,250 Euros. Experienced scholars and... Read more

DAAD commences its new office in Bangalore

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) has commenced its new office in Bangalore to focus on the scientific and educational exchanges between Germany and India. This is the 5 th office of DAAD in India situated within the new campus of Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in... Read more

Germany : Top Universities

Germany with 300 higher education centre is considered as one of the best places as it is based on a system that perfectly blends academic knowledge with progressive research. The general education helps to gain scientific and analytical skills in the area in which students applied. ... Read more

Germany: Studying and living

Germany is the largest economy in Europe. The country has a strong tradition of excellence within technological development, and offers a wide variety of opportunities for students wishing to study abroad. Germany more that 2 million students are enrolled out of which 2, 50,000 are international... Read more

Germany : Application Procedure

Application Forms For Study in Germany Colleges and Universities Students can apply directly to Universities or Uni-Assist for Post-Graduation courses. Some application forms can be sent electronically, others have to be printed out and mailed to the respective higher educational... Read more

Germany : Higher Education Accreditation Bodies

To ensure quality of education, each and every organization have to conform to standards and principles and regulations established by the  Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany. 1.  Kultusministerko... Read more

Germany : Types of educational systems

There are three types of educational institutes in Germany. These are: 1.     Universities : These are also known as Universitaten. The Universities in Germany Concentrate on basic research so that the higher courses of studies can be done easily. The higher stages... Read more

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Germany invites Indian students and researchers

It is not just USA , UK and Australia which are the most popular study destinations for Indian students but other countries including Germany are now inviting Indian students for studies and research. According to reports, Rainer Schmiedchen, German consul general had said "It is... Read more

Funding from Germany for IIT-Madras to study climate change

Germany and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India granted about Rs. 20 crore and Rs. 5.33 crore respectively to IIT-Madras for Indo-German collaborative research projects on climate change and sustainability. The title of the project is 'Building an International Research... Read more

German House for Research And Innovation tours India

In October 2012, The German Government has set up a German House for Research and Innovation in New Delhi (in German: Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus, DWIH New Delhi) - a ‘ one-stop shop ’ for interested students, researchers and potential partner institutions, and... Read more

Germany's HHL institute ranked as top institute in German survey

In the “2012 Profile Data on Internationality of German Universities” (“Profildaten zur Internationalität der deutschen Hochschulen 2012″) HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) was ranked as one of the top management institutes in Germany, beating out 61 other... Read more

Germany witnesses 70 percent growth in Indian applications

Since the academic session of 2008-2009, Germany has witnessed a 70 percent increase in the enrolment of Indian students at German institutions and universities, as per the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Last year, approximately 5998 students were studying in Germany, which was an increase... Read more

Bulgarian students prefer studying abroad

As per an estimate given by the Bulgarian academic community, nearly 24,000 Bulgarian students pursued their education abroad in 2011. About 1,957 Bulgarian students studied in the US universities, 1000 students in Italy and about 1,170 in the Netherlands. Germany accounts for the largest number... Read more

German Students should put more effort in learning English language; reveals a survey

A recent survey on German students concluded that many students are not proficient in English that is required at a university level. Students studying in German universities seem to lack the basic comprehension of the English language leading to committing mistakes in spellings and grammar. They... Read more

Bologna bachelor degrees criticized by experts in Germany

Pioneers of the German higher education institutions have highlighted the inadequacies of the new reforms pertaining to Bologna’s new degrees. They claim that the regime of the course does not suffice the need of graduates to the country and have been unsuccessful at attaining the crucial... Read more

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