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Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

According to the rules and regulations of the Malaysian Immigration Department, all international students (full-time and foreign exchange students) are required to have a valid Student Pass in order to study in Malaysia. The government agencies responsible are the Malaysian Immigration Department and the overseas Malaysian diplomatic missions (i.e. Malaysian High Commission, Consulates or Embassies).

Visa requirements for a foreign student are simple and straightforward. Before you can begin your studies you must apply for a Student Pass. This application is made by your chosen institution to Education Malaysia. Once you have successfully applied for a Student Pass you will have to get a single entry visa through the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission in your home country. Education Malaysia cannot apply for this visa on your behalf. Please contact your local diplomatic mission. Entry visa requirements are set by the Department of Immigration.

Foreign students need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have an offer of study from at a public or private higher educational institution
  • Have the financial capability to meet the course fees and other expenses related to living and studying in Malaysia
  • Be in good health and of good character
  • Intend to reside in Malaysia for education purposes only

12 Easy Steps for a Foreign Student to Study in Malaysia:-

Step 1 – Register with EMGS - To start your application process, you need to sign up as a user on the portal. Visit the EMGS portal and register by providing all the necessary details. You will be provided with an ID and password to proceed.

Step 2 – Check Students Pass requirements - In addition to paying course fees, insurance, airfare and accommodation you must be able to provide a Personal Bond, and will be required to undergo a medical examinations within 7 working days of entering Malaysia.

Step 3 – Select Course and Institution - The next step is to select your courses and institutions. Remember you only have to register once and you can submit multiple applications to as many institutions or for as many courses as you wish.

Click here to browse through the institutes and courses. Click here to read more about the Malaysia Higher Education System and Cost of Living.

Step 4 – Apply for course - Once you have selected your institutions and courses, you can apply by submitting the relevant details online. Your chosen institutions will review your application. If you meet their selection criteria they will make you an offer.

Step 5 – Decide which offer to accept - Once the institution or institutions have made an offer you will need to decide which course and which institution best suits your needs. Let the institution know you accept their offer.

Step 6 – Apply for Visa Approval Letter - Once you accept the offer your education service provider/institute of higher education will apply for your Student Pass on your behalf. You will need to pay RM1000 for the visa processing fee together with the fees for medical insurance, medical screening and immigration fees. Please decide whether you wish to purchase the Silver, Gold or Platinum insurance package – more information is available to download here.

You should not submit your application for a Student Pass any earlier than 3 months before you intend to come to study in Malaysia. This is because the Visa Approval Letter is only valid for 3 months. If you do not enter Malaysia within 3 months you may need to make a new Student Pass application.

Step 7 – Get your visa to apply - Once your Student Pass is approved, the next step is to plan your arrival in Malaysia. Nationals of some countries must apply for an entry visa BEFORE arriving in Malaysia. This is a different application from your Student Pass. You will need to take your Visa Approval Letter along with your other travel documents to the Malaysian embassy nearest to you.

Check below to see your visa requirements by country but please ensure that you check with the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission that deals with your particular country before finalising your travel plans.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Bhutan
  4. Burkina Faso
  5. Burundi
  6. Central African Republic
  7. China
  8. Colombia
  9. Comoros
  10. Congo Democratic Republic
  11. Congo Republic
  12. Djibouti
  13. Equatorial Guinea
  14. Eritrea
  15. Ethiopia
  16. Guinea-Bissau
  17. Hong Kong (C/I or D/I)
  18. India
  19. Liberia
  20. Mali
  21. Myanmar (ordinary passport)
  22. Nepal
  23. Niger
  24. Rwanda
  25. Serbia & Montenegro
  26. United Nations (Laissez Passer)
  27. Western Sahara
  28. Bangladesh
  29. Cameroon
  30. Ghana
  31. Mozambique
  32. Nigeria
  33. Pakistan
  34. Sri Lanka

If you are not a national of the countries listed above you will not require a visa to enter a Malaysia but bear in mind that you may only be given entry for 14 days from some countries. EMGS advises if you must ensure you have sufficient time to process the Student Pass and recommends you apply for a visa for a minimum of 30 days. Check the Department of Immigration for the latest visa requirements.

Step 8 – Make your travel plans - Once you have your Visa Approval Letter and have obtained the required visa for entry make your travel arrangements after checking with your education institution. Make sure that your education institution knows of your travel plans – many institutions prefer students to arrive between Monday to Friday.

Step 9 – On arrival in Malaysia - Once you arrive in Malaysia you will need to go to the immigration counter at the port of entry. Currently students must be met by a representative from their institution of study before they can be cleared through immigration – that is why it is important that you liaise with your education provider before making your travel plans. Once you clear immigration you will receive an endorsement known as a Special Pass. The endorsement will usually be for 30 days from the date of entry.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU INFORM EMGS AND YOUR INSTITUTION IF YOU RECEIVE AN ENDORSEMENT OF LESS THAN 30 DAYS. If you fail to keep EMGS informed as soon as you enter the country you may overstay your visa and be required to pay further fees or be refused leave to remain by the Department of Immigration.

Step 10 – Complete Medical Screening - You must download the prescribed form and complete Section 1.

Please bring it along with the copy of your passport to the clinics. You must make an appointment at an EMGS approved clinicsand attend your screening including attendance at an X-Ray clinic within 7 days of entry into Malaysia. . Please click hereto learn more about medical screening.

Step 11 – Receive Medical Insurance Cover - You will be provided with your Insurance Card within 14 working days of EMGS receiving confirmation of your entry into the country from the Institution.It is your responsibility to notify EMGS immediately if you were not given 30 days on entering Malaysia.

Only insurance purchased through EMGS will be accepted for the purposes of Student Pass Applications. Do not worry if you have not received your insurance card EMGS will notify immigration on your behalf. Your education institution may well offer insurance but this will not be acceptable for the purposes of Immigration.

Step 12 – Exiting Malaysia - Once you complete your course of study, you will receive an e-mail notification from EMGS stating the date you will have to leave the country. If you wish to apply to work in Malaysia or wish to change the basis on which you remain here you can find out more from the Department of Immigration.


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