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Why Study in Malaysia?

Why Study in Malaysia?

A large number of students across the world are now choosing Malaysia as their preferred study destination. Currently, more than 100,000 international students are pursuing an array of courses from various institutions in Malaysia. The reasons why a large number of students prefer to pursue their higher education from Malaysia are mentioned below:

Globally Recognized Qualifications:

Malaysia collaborates with top universities across the world for offering globally recognized degrees to international students. Australian, New Zealand, U.S. and U.K. universities partner with Malaysian institutes. Malaysian institutes offer students a western as well as an Asian education experience. Top foreign universities such as University of Nottingham UK, Monash University Australia have set up their campuses in Malaysia.

Affordable and Value for Money Degree Programs:

The 2+1 twinning degree programs offered to international students in Malaysia enables them to save a substantial amount of money and gain invaluable experience from both countries. In these programs, a student studies for 2 years in Malaysia and in the last year one can pursue his/her chosen program from countries such as Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Australia and the UK. Such programs help one save up on the tuition fees as well as living expenses of studying and living in much more expensive destinations such as UK/US.

Another value for money program offered in Malaysia is 3+0 foreign bachelor degree’s program. This program is an extension of the twinning program. As per this program, students can pursue their bachelor’s degree from top international universities by studying in Malaysian institutes. So, while students complete their bachelors program from Malaysia, they will be awarded degrees from international universities. Moreover, they get an additional advantage of pursuing masters program from partner international university.     

Economical Tuition Fees and Reasonable Cost of Living:

The cost of living and tuition fee both are very economical for international students in Malaysia. The living cost for an international student can be about RM 11,000 – 14,000, which will range to about USD 3,000 - 4,000. International students tend to save much more than what they would save in costlier destinations such as the US or UK.  Students enjoy a superior quality lifestyle at much lesser costs even while living in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur and enjoying the benefits of the same.

Skill Oriented Courses and Focus on English medium

Malaysian educational institutions work closely with international universities and industry for ensuring market relevant and up-to-date courses are offered to the students for developing required skills to augment their employability chances. Moreover, English language is widely spoken in Malaysia and is used as a basic medium of instruction in all courses conducted at Malaysian higher educational institutions. This definitely gives international students an advantage to pursue their higher education in Malaysia.

Easy Entry and Work Options in Malaysia

Acquiring a visa as well as student pass for studying full time in Malaysia is an easy and quick procedure. The Immigration Department of Malaysia offers a simple and problem free visa process to international students interested in studying in Malaysia. Moreover, students who hold a valid students pass can work in certain allotted sectors. Students are allowed to work part–time for about 20 hours per week. This financially is a big help to the students. 

Experience Multicultural Society of Malaysia

International students apart from gaining academic knowledge will get a chance to experience diverse and rich Malaysian culture. People from different religions and various backgrounds stay together harmoniously in Malaysia. People in Malaysia are accommodating and friendly and make international students feel at home. International student offices are supportive and pay special attention to each and every student during their stay in Malaysia.

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