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Job Prospects in New Zealand

Job Prospects in New Zealand

New Zealand is a growing hub for aspiring students and scholars willing to expand their scholastic territory. However, the ultimate goal of a student is to find a suitable job after completing studies in New Zealand. There are a lot of job opportunities in New Zealand that one can look forward to, depending upon your choice of career and skill sets.

Popular Areas of Work

New Zealand is a sprawling green country and with its growing student and sightseeing traffic, the tourism industry is one great sector to work in. Agriculture is also a main occupation in the country and therefore a number of jobs are available in the sector. Manufacturing is another prevalent industry; therefore, a career in export-import can prove to be beneficial.

Sectors such as healthcare, biotechnology, IT, engineering and teaching are slowly but surely emerging. This is one of the reasons why the New Zealand job market has immense potential in the coming years. The New Zealand film industry too is rapidly catching up with the other major sectors. The major cities of New Zealand – namely, Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch – are places abuzz with job market activity.

Requirements and Skills a Kiwi Employer Looks For

International students who have just completed their degrees from the country have an array of jobs to choose from. In order to acquire a job of choice, one must possess a set of skills that include...

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English. Knowledge of the local Maori language can add an edge to the candidate’s profile.
  • Work experience
  • Educational qualifications
  • Knowledge in the field of one’s application and extent of experience in it

Apart from the above mentioned points, personal factors like interview skills, loyalty, and competence are considered.

Salary and the Work Environment

Initially, one might not find a very high-paying job or a high-status job. It is advisable for immigrant students to accept jobs in junior positions and work their way up the organisational ladder. The pay scale varies from one designation to another. Doctors, engineers and financial controllers are the highest paid in the market with a pay scale ranging from NZ$114,000 to NZ$145,000. The lowest pay scale could range from NZ$30,000 to NZ$35,000.

The work environment in New Zealand is much more casual and social when compared to big fishes like the US and UK. The average working hours, inclusive of shifts and job rotations, varies from 30 to 35 hours per week.

It is quite easy to work in New Zealand although the initial job hunting might get a little tough. The best way to look for jobs is to intensify and maintain clarity in the type of job you would want.

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