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PhD Courses in New Zealand

PhD Courses in New Zealand

New Zealand has a wide range of institutions that provide exciting research opportunities. The research centres are highly modernised and facilitate various kinds of research. Therefore, considering a PhD or a doctorate in any field in the country can be a good choice. Most reputed universities offer doctoral level programs, both full time and part time.

Popular PhD courses offered

Almost all the universities offer doctorate degrees, which are an extension to the post-graduation degree subjects or fields of study. Some of the most popular degrees offered by reputed universities are in the field of...

  • Social studies, art and humanities (doctor of philosophy, PhD)

Research in the fields of design, art, society and humanities includes topics such as educational policy, living conditions, languages, hospitality, tourism, and literature. The degree that one might be awarded on completion of research is a doctor of philosophy (PhD).

  • Computer science

Research in the field of computer sciences will include programming, java, C++ and other computer operational languages and systems. Developing new and improvised software also is an offered field of study.

  • Biotechnology, health and medical sciences

Ample numbers of degrees are offered in the field of medical and health sciences. The opportunity for research in this field is immense and a lot of institutions (like school of health and human performance, school of biotechnology) welcome research papers.

  • Engineering and mechanics

All universities offer great opportunities for research in the field of engineering and mechanics. The Auckland University of Technology holds the highest position in producing best research papers in the field and provides highly qualified lecturers and mentors for its students.

Admission procedure

One can usually apply online for a research study program. One must send out an online proposal comprising of an outline of the desired field of research along with an attested copy of your latest CV and updated educational records. This should be communicated to the registry, which upon investigation will revert to you within 60 days of the application.

Top five universities

The top five universities that one can consider applying to for a doctorate/ research programme are...

Fee Structure

Doing a research paper in New Zealand would, on an average, cost around NZ$40,000 though the fees may differ from one university to other. The universities also have scholarships and limited financial aides given out every year by the government, private institutes and jointly owned sectors.

There also exist options of exchange programs in a few select universities. To know more about it you will have to contact the university. With New Zealand’s excellent amenities and good access to technology, doing research there is a great experience.

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