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Top Universities in Russia

The Russian University system is one of the strongest and credible systems among the university systems of other countries. Russia is the house of more than 650 state universities. Of two types; classical and technical, these universities offer a wide range of courses be it in medical, engineering,...

Study Medicine in Russia

Russia is known worldwide for its academic excellence in higher studies. Over 2 million students are enrolled in Russian Universities and institutes. Nearly, 875000 science students and over 17250 medical students are enrolled in different Russian institutes. These students actively participate in...

Top Medical Universities in Russia

Russian universities are known worldwide for their medical courses due to the academic excellence and easy admission process.  Russian medical universities are known globally for their academic excellence in higher studies. Russia is rising as one of the top destinations among international...

Mordovia State University hosts international conference in automated electric drive

On 7 October, N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University opened the VIII international (XIX Nation-wide) conference on automated electric drive. The conference organizers are a National research university - Mordovia State University (Faculty of electronic engineering), Academy of electro-technical...

Increase in number of students studying in Russia

In 2011, the number of Indian students studying in Russian varsities was nearly 280, which increased by about 60% in 2012 and reached around 450. Most of the students take up medical or paramedical courses in Russia but that too might be diversifying. The Russian Education Fair 2013 was held in...

Russian Government Universities conduct seminar for various courses

On Monday, April 15, a free seminar will be conducted by the Russian government universities in Hotel Le Meridien, Pune and spot registration will also be offered for post graduation, MBBS, engineering and business administration courses. Students interested in pursuing Master of Science, MBBS,...

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