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MBA in Top UK Colleges without GMAT and GRE

MBA in Top UK Colleges without GMAT and GRE

GMAT and GRE score is a prerequisite for students who aspire to pursue an MBA program from an international college. Sometimes a low GRE or GMAT score acts as an obstruction in the path of students aspiring to pursue a management program. In such a case, online MBA is a good option.

Significance of GMAT and GRE scores

Most of the management colleges accept GMAT scores. A high GMAT score is required to get admission in a reputed institute. If you have scored somewhere in between 600 -700 in GMAT then acquiring admission in a UK university becomes slightly easier. Increasing number of MBA aspirants has made the competition tougher. Even though GMAT is tough, GRE is a much more comprehensive exam wherein students have to be even more prepared since the exam questions the students on a very large amount of subject matter.

UK Management Schools where GMAT is not a pre-requisite:

There are some recognized UK universities which do not require GMAT or GRE score. Most of these universities run full time one year MBA programs. Some of the institutes are as follows:

  • University of Edinburgh (UK)
  •  University of Kent (UK)
  • University of Glasgow (UK)

Benefits of Online MBA Program

Qualifying GMAT and GRE exams requires extensive preparation time which is a big problem for working professionals. For such aspirants, online MBA programs are more appropriate and affordable. Presently, the online MBA programs are recognized by several universities and the numerous employers are now more open to hire candidates who have completed their management degrees online.

There are a number of online MBA programs for which GMAT or GRE score is not the admission criteria. Experienced working professionals are offered admission because of their work experience without giving GMAT or GRE exam. Some MBA colleges keep work tenure as the only admission criteria rather than appearing in GMAT or GRE tests.

So, students who have scored low in GMAT /GRE or working professionals who don’t have enough time to prepare for the aforementioned exams can now successfully pursue a management degree from  a good management school in the UK.

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