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UK universities open for talented Indian students

UK universities open for talented Indian students

UK universities have always been one of the most preferred destinations to study abroad for Indian students aspiring to higher education. However, the recent reforms in the visa rules made by the UK government have been a major concern for students.

Sources from the ILS Network revealed that despite the stringent visa rules, UK universities are open for talented Indian students who want to pursue their higher studies.

The reforms have been made to ensure that students who go to the UK with a student visa do not extend their stay to work in that country and to prevent fraud colleges from taking advantage of them. The new rules have been designed to help genuine students and not to deter them.

New visa rules

The changes have been made steadily in 2011 and 2012. The last changes were made on April 6, 2012. As per this set of changes, many global students may stay in the UK and work post studies.

Now there is no tier 1, post-study work visa. However, as per tier 2 of the point-based system, students graduating from a UK university are eligible to take bachelor-level jobs in reputed UK companies which are registered and pay the employee at least £20,000 per annum; in such cases they can work for 3 years, a term that can be further extended by 3 years. These jobs will not be considered as a part of the yearly limit on tier 2 visas, nor will they be subject to the regular resident labor market test.

Earlier, many students remained in the UK using post-study work visa to search for a suitable job while they worked on smaller projects which did not need any specific qualification. The new visa rules will ensure that only hardworking and talented students get suitable jobs matching their profiles.

Academic excellence

With the introduction of new visa rules, the UK government is aiming to attract the best global students. The reforms made by the government aim at protecting the rights of legitimate students.

Students should be focused on reaching academic excellence by making the most of their time in the UK. They should know that their purpose of going to the UK is to study and not to work there. After obtaining a degree, students can seek employment in other countries such as Dubai, Singapore and parts of Europe as well.

Firstly, students should know which course to pursue and then look at the various alternatives available across the globe. If for a particular course, the UK is the best option, then you need to take the next step, which is to identify colleges/universities that offer the course you are interested in. Then you need to shortlist the institutes that suit your budget and are fairly well-ranked. Thus the 3 Cs of studying abroad are Course, College and Country.

Students seeking admission to undergraduate degree programs can apply through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). You can apply for a maximum of 5 different courses or universities through the UCAS online system. The applicant is required to submit one letter of recommendation and one statement of purpose in the UCAS form.

There is no centralized admission procedure for postgraduate programs, they are mostly university specific and carried out online.

UK universities are also popular for their extensive research environment. The Russell Group, an association of 24 UK universities, is committed to maintaining high standards in research, teaching and learning through links with businesses and the public sector.

 Source: The Times of India

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