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Admission Criteria for Top B-Schools in the USA

Admission Criteria for Top B-Schools in the USA

Every year thousands of students from all across the globe compete with each other to acquire admission in one of the top B-schools in the US. B-schools based in the US are most sought after as they are the best in the world and the degree offered is recognized worldwide.

The different specializations offered by US B-schools are Marketing, International Business, Corporate Strategy, Operations Management, Finance, Accounting, Computer and Information Systems, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. Most students would grab the chance to join any of the aforementioned specializations.

The tuition fee for an MBA program in the US is very high. It ranges from US$40,000–50,000. Even though the fee is exorbitant, US B-schools are one of the most sought after places for MBA aspirants. Most of the students hold the view that investing in an MBA program from a top B-school in the US is worth it because they train you to become a future leader of the corporate world.

Admission Criteria for B-Schools in US:

B-schools in the US follow a very comprehensive evaluation procedure for admission. GMAT score, academic record, work experience, SoP, recommendation letters, participation in extra-curricular activities and interviews are some of the important bases that a candidate is evaluated on. Let us have a look at the admission criteria in detail.

GMAT Score: The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is taken by all MBA aspirants to obtain admission in a US B-school. The top B-schools offer admission to students with high GMAT score, i.e. above 700.

GPA score: The admissions committee evaluates GPA scores of the applicant. The top B-schools in the US mostly accept students with a high GPA score and an outstanding academic record.

Work experience: An applicant requires a minimum of two years of work experience to be eligible for admission in a top B-school. The admission committee also takes into account the leadership and managerial skills exhibited by the applicant in his/her organization.

Statement of Purpose: A B-school aspirant is also required to write a statement of purpose (SoP).The admission committee usually reads the SoP to assess the applicant’s interest and potential. So this document has to be well-written and free of grammatical errors.

Recommendation letters: B-school aspirants are also required to submit at least two letters of recommendation from someone in the educational institution last attended by the applicant. You should most preferably take recommendation letters from professors whom you have known well.

Extra-curricular activities: Just good academic records will not get you admission. You are required to be an all-rounder. Extra-curricular activities add an edge to your application. Students who have been actively participating in extra-curricular activities and have good academic records stand a better chance of acquiring admission.

Interview: Meant to check the applicant’s subject knowledge, skills and confidence level, the interview is the most important part of the admission process. This is one opportunity you should grab to make a lasting impression on the interviewers. 

Top 10 B-Schools in USA (QS: Top MBA list):

· Harvard Business School

· The Stanford Graduate School of Business

· The Wharton School

· Chicago Booth School of Business

· The Kellogg School of Management

· Columbia Business School

· The UCLA Anderson School of Management

· The MIT Sloan School of Management

· Fuqua School of Business

· Haas School of Business

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