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Aeronautical Engineering Program in the US

Aeronautical Engineering Program in the US

Every year a large number of international students pursue Aeronautical Engineering which is a highly specialized field of study in the US. This field of science is becoming very popular because it prepares the student to not only solve problems in the area of aerodynamics, structures, dynamics and controls, propulsion, systems and design but also work professionally in the real world.

Aeronautical engineering deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft. It also covers investigation into aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft, including behaviors and related factors such as airfoil, control surfaces, lift and drag. Over the years, aeronautics has evolved to include the design and construction of not only conventional aircraft but also spacecraft.

The number of colleges offering aeronautical engineering programs in India is very limited. As a result, students in India aspiring to be aeronautical engineers mostly choose programs from universities based in the US.

Benefits of Pursuing an Aeronautical Engineering Program in the US: Aeronautical engineering programs offered by US universities are designed to prepare students in various fields such as aerodynamics, aircraft and/or spacecraft design, and propulsion. The programs are offered at the undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced diploma levels. Students can specialize in areas such as propulsion, system design, controls, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics while pursuing their bachelor’s degree. At the master’s level students are offered various options to specialize in, such as space applications, astro-dynamics and aerospace systems design. Students receive both classroom lectures and hands-on training.

Admission Criteria for the Undergraduate Aeronautical Engineering Program:

· Candidate should be a 10+2 pass with a good percentage and GPA score.

· Candidate must have valid scores in SAT reasoning test, SAT subject test and TOEFL.

· Candidate should submit a good statement of purpose.

· Candidate should submit an accurately and completely filled out application form to the preferred university before the deadline.

Cost of pursuing aeronautical engineering: The cost incurred in pursuing an Aeronautical Engineering program in the US is around US$ 25,000–39,000 on an average. The annual cost of living is around US $1,200.

List of the Top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in the US according to QS Listing:

· Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge

· Stanford University

· University of California, Berkeley

· University of Michigan

· Harvard University

· Georgia Institute of Technology

· California Institute f Technology (Caltech)

· Purdue University

· Northwestern University

· Princeton University

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