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Goal: Higher Education or Better Job Prospects?

Goal: Higher Education or Better Job Prospects?

Most students get all sparkly eyed even at the slight mention of studying abroad but the big question is how valuable is the US degree? Will it really give you an edge over other graduates from India? Should one pursue education in the USA for reasons of quality? These questions often cloud the minds of many international students who plan to study in the US or for that matter any foreign country. It is very important to contemplate such questions because large sums of money are invested to obtain a degree from a foreign university.

Most students pursue higher education in the US with two major objectives in mind:

· Pursue education to get into a career of their choice and to move towards research

· Live the American Dream and earn those dream dollars

Research objective: Many students who plan to pursue their education in the US are very passionate about US education. The main objective of such students is to achieve something in the functional or technical area. Their sole objective is to experience the US educational system, considered to be of the best quality. These students will typically aim at research or business studies. Knowing that support offered by US universities for any type of research is really high, the US naturally becomes the most favored destination for research studies. If your ultimate goal is to become a researcher, invent something in your field of interest, establish your own business or even get a PhD, then the USA is surely the best choice. But remember, not all universities provide high-quality education and meet your demands. Make sure you do your homework. You must research to gather sufficient information about US universities/colleges and choose the ones that offer you maximum benefits and add value to the degree.

American dream: More often than not, most international students who plan to study in the US are lured by the prospect of living the American Dream. Their major objective is to earn a degree and work in the US. Typically, they are students under the F-1 visa who would like to finish their master’s in a year and then look for an employer who would fund their H1B visa. As you all know, obtaining a visa from the US embassy is not an easy task. Most students, therefore, look for employers who would sponsor their H1B working visa. Once they find the employer, they work for the time stipulated in the visa, earn the dollars they always dreamed of, and return to their homelands. Often the savings of such students amounts to a huge sum in Indian rupees. This gives them long-term security in a short span of working time. However, living the American Dream is not as easy as it sounds. Restrictions on obtaining the work visa make it very difficult for you to obtain one. Also employers would rather hire a local than an international student to reduce their labor costs.

So, all those of you who are planning to study in the US need to make sure you clearly identify your objective of study. Be clear about your intentions and then make a decision accordingly. Although the US is the number one choice for higher education, life there after studying is not as easy as it is perceived to be. There are pros and cons in very situation. It all boils down to your ability to take risks, which can be minimized with increased awareness of the situation.

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