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    Middlesex University is a large London University, with two further campuses overseas, in Dubai and Mauritius and with partners across the world

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  • Hi,

    I believe you can opt to apply to Amrita School of Business Bcoz they offer a dual degree program MBA from Amrita and MS from Suny Buffalo, New York. In this manner you will be able to study 2 degrees at a lesser cost.
    You will also be able to go to Suny Buffalo for a month to study a course there. Suny Buffalo professors also come to Blore to teach various courses. By rajalakshmi74107, On 06 Jan 11
  • I'll be heading there now, If you know anyone heading there, check this out for getting lodging http :// It's free stay for a month. An Make a list of all the colleges in your area that you would like to apply. Check out their websites, almost all of them will have a section on financial assistance and list the cost semester-wise. Also there will be counsellors who will agree to meet with you to discuss your options for the courses you want to take.Do get some counselors to talk too By rahul18924, On 23 Dec 10
  • It depends of the ranking of the university basically...I think a good university will cost you above 22 lakhs. By alan63905, On 05 Dec 10

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