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BA Film and Television Production: Career overview

Today time has changed and there is time when students want to think out of box. There was time when professional course was given important but today there are many options. Students who wish to go for file and television production and so there are colleges that offer such courses. One who is best... Read more

BSc. /MSc. Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy courses are beneoffered in Indian colleges since 2011 and are very popular especially in medical field. The main stress is to treat mental and physical disabilities of people. It is very important that person suffering from such problem are even able to carry out their own... Read more

Maths Majors in demand due to opportunities in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

There was time when professional courses were given more importance but today time has changed. The growing demand and job opportunities in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence require Maths. It is one of the reasons that students are taking in seriously and opting maths as major for their... Read more

VIT University: Courses Offered

There are many universities who are offering different courses to get better future and easily get good jobs and one of them is VIT University. Placements are very important when opting for graduation and post-graduation and so VIT university offer placements to make future secure. Students who are... Read more

Why students drop out of professional courses

Everyone wishes to have bright and successful career but today it is not easy. It is now easy to get admission in engineering and pharmacy but one finds it very difficult to clear it. There are many students who are unable to go further and thus drop out form such courses and join other... Read more

MBA (Agri Business Management): An overview

Post-graduation is very important to have bright careers. Today Agri Business in demand and it mainly deals with production of food which is possible through machinery, processing and many more. There are many colleges offering MBA in Agricultural business which will help to have bright future... Read more

Teaching in Digital age needs teachers to upgrade their skills

A teacher is the one who is held the most responsible person in moulding a person’s life. It all happens from the very childhood age where the children are taught about right and wrong. Teaching is considered to be the noblest professions of all the existing professions and also that holds the... Read more

Sweans Digital Marketing Scholarship 2017 in Indian Colleges

Today digital Marketing is very important and so London based agency which is even trusted by Google encourages students to have career in such field. It is one of the growing fields where one can find many options to develop themselves and learn new things. The scholarship program is mainly for... Read more

Student Projects Overview

The core differentiator of the Master of Digital Media program and other comparable Masters programs is the  emphasis of experiential learning through project courses.  In fact,  65% of MDM coursework is project-based.  All Projects courses, from the first term to the last term,... Read more

Staying Employable in Changing times

One thing is certain in the economy: uncertainty. A change in world economics, disruptive technology, or a presidential election can make the difference between plenty of jobs or thousands of layoffs. Today, there are plenty of experts predicting that the need for people with STEM backgrounds and ... Read more