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Many takers for DU language courses

Published On: 16 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 16 Jun 2012

Delhi University admission scenes are heated up with large number of students rushing in the last minute to obtain their application forms. Though the sought after courses remain BCom, BSc, English, Economic and Psychology, students are also exploring the languages.

With the diverse world demanding students to know various languages, this year DU is witnessing many students taking up honours courses in languages.

The university offers various full-time undergraduate courses in many languages that include Sanskrit, Punjabi, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Persian apart from English and Hindi.

The university department of Germanic and Romance studies offers Bachelor's programme in European languages, while BA (H) course in Sanskrit, Punjabi and Persian is offered by individual DU colleges.

The number of takers for BA (H) courses in European languages is increasing with every passing year. Students could also opt for the part-time courses in Portuguese and Romanian offered by the department.

Under these language courses, students get to study the cultural encounter between Europe and India, the interface of literature, new media and art. They will also get to explore postcolonial writings in Europe and the erstwhile colonial world. Concurrent papers in History and English will also be studied under the courses.

For admissions into the BA (H) courses for all European languages, aspiring candidates will have to sit for the entrance exams that will measure the candidates essay writing skills along with the student's ability to understand logic and awareness of world affairs.

Sources from the university also stated that the number of takers for BA (H) Sanskrit course is increasing with new zeal.

Students opting for BA (H) in Sanskrit this year will be under the new curriculum that will include papers from Mathematics, Philosophy of language, aesthetics and nomenclature.

With Sanskrit emerging as a job-oriented language widely used in computers and the language gaining recognition in the West, many MNCs have offered good placement offers for Sanskrit graduates from St. Stephen's College in the previous years.

Zakir Husain College is the only college that is offering BA (H) courses in Persian and Arabic. The college records good number of takers for both these languages, with more students opting for the Arabic when compared to Persian course.

The increasing trade with Gulf countries is attracting more students to opt for Arabic courses.

Students can opt to work as translators, teachers, news readers, writers etc after pursuing language courses.

Source: Times of India

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